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What collagen do you choose?

Why take collagen to take?

Collagen is important for health and skin elasticity, as well as hair, nail and bone health. From the age of 25, the body's ability to produce collagen is weakening, so experts offer it in addition.

Preservation of fibroblast performance and the prevention of collagen production is an adequate aging prevention strategy.

Bones and healthy joints. Collagen is an efficient material that not only supports the right condition of the joints, but also reduces the risk of deterioration.

Healthy leather. Stimulates collagen production by raising or preserving tone, skin elasticity and firmness, after the 25th anniversary of collagen production decreases every year.

Reduced risk. Collagen improves blood circulation, reduces the risk of second-type diabetes.

In addition to extra kilograms. Collagen can help you lose several kilograms by increasing metabolism. The collagen component called Glycine will help you carry sugar to your tissue giving them energy.

Digestion. Collagen can facilitate digestive disorders, especially with increased intestinal bandwidth syndrome.

New victory without unnecessary injuries. In some sports supplements also used collagen. It is necessary in order to increase endurance and muscle mass. When using supplements with collagen, you may not only reduce the risk of injuries, but also for timely enhancement.

Hormonal balance. Because protein can restore the hormonal balance, filling the diet collagen can be affected by the hormonal background.

Improving the quality of sleep. Adding the ration Collagen can improve the quality of sleep and protect against full-time drowsiness.

What collagen do you take better?

What is hydrolyzed collagen?

Hydrolysed collagen is obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis (enzymatic partition in acidic or alkaline media at a certain temperature). It contains low molecular mass amino acids and polypeptides that are better absorbed in the human body. The amino acids accumulate in the bloodstream in the connecting tissues and cells and can become a "construction" material when these tissue matrix biosynthesis.

At the age of the age you can start using collagen? %

To achieve the perfect result, the best use of collagen for 20 years. It is exactly the thickness of this age decreases each year by 1-1.7% and is not naturally caught. The 30-year collagen deficit is already noticeable. It is better to choose the prevention and prevent collagen deficiency.


What collagen is more effective (animal, marine or vegetable origin)?

Collagen of animal origin

This type of collagen is obtained from cattle and chicken cartilage, leather and joints. The simplest and most accessible from all kinds of collagen.

  • Is well absorbed by using inward.
  • Because of the large molecules poorly penetrate into the derm.
  • A reasonable price.
  • Easy to store at home.
  • The externally animal collagen is not very effective, cream or serum with such collagen will not restore your body's collagen tissue.

Collagen of animal origin gives good results in the interior.

Collagen of Marine Origin

Product obtained from fish and other marine epidermal fabrics. Such a protein is considered more efficient than animal origin, as fully absorbed through the bowel walls in the body. Production technology requires special apparatus and quality transportation. This collagen needs to be safely held, that is why its price is usually higher.

  • Is well absorbed by using inward.
  • The molecule is more similar to the human molecule.
  • It is better penetrated through the derm.
  • Encourages its collagen production.
  • Complex production. Much higher price.

Marine Collagen is ideal for producing creams and cosmetic sera, its molecule is significantly lower than animal collagen and perfectly penetrates into the deep epidermal layers. When used in the interior of the fish collagen provides an effective reproducible effect on joints and ligaments, the skin is involved in producing their collagen.

Collagen of vegetable origin

There are also so-called vegetable collagen, although this definition is not very accurate. Collagen of vegetable origin is a wheat protein obtained during hydrolysis. Its composition is most similar to animal collagen and is also widely used in cosmetics and manufacturing supplements.

  • The structure is similar to the collagen of animal origin, but the collagen will not.
  • Well absorbed through the skin.
  • Hardly produced.
  • A very high price.

Types of Collagen.What problems do each of them deal with?

Type 1 Collagen There are all types of human tissues. This component is responsible for elasticity, water balance and absorption of nutrients. It is collagen for the skin, bones and connecting fabrics.

2nd type of collagen - Collagen for joints, tendons. It is a therapeutic and preventive measure in the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis and other diseases, inflammation. Used in food supplements and creams.

3rd type of collagen is also called a "young" component. He is responsible for the elasticity, metabolism and the condition of the skin cells in general (including hair, nail).

Type 4 or 2nd Net Collagen - "Natural" pure collagen is close to the human collagen, the legit most absorbed

Collagen: Liquid (oral), powder, capsules. Which is better?

Tablets (capsules) Contains active ingredient and additional components necessary for the production and maintenance of the compact form. For these additional materials, the percentage of protein here is much lower than in other forms of Collagen. The serving of the tablet day can also be up to 6 tablets per day.

Powder Comfortable in that they can be added in liquid mixtures, cocktails and smoothies. This is the most affordable and economical form of the preparation.

Oral (liquid) collagen - This is the most enriched form of the preparation. In addition to protein, this collagen contains vitamins and minerals, which are the bundle of the synthesis. The more the solution is hydrolyzed, the better and easier in the body.


What supplements should collagen take it better to absorb the body?

First of all Vitamin C.. The soluble or tablet (capsules) - any adequate concentration of vitamin C improves collagen absorption. It is sufficient to take the vitamin C daily rate (60 mg) to achieve the required result.

Hormones. We are very much in lecithin (choline and inositol fraction) and magnesium. It is these elements are the most important participants in all hormonal processes in our body.

Multivitamin complexes. Our body is a homogeneous whole and all the processes that it is going, of course, interrupted. If at least one element is missing, the absorption and synthesis of other elements are disrupted, so vitamins and trace elements of these complexes are just.

Silicon supplements. Collagen is an amino acid-tile supplier to synthesize its own collagen, and silicon stimulates the process and is the necessary participant.

Also as collagen supplements are popular: coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid.

Glucosamine, chondroitin and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) complex - for those who want not only to improve the skin condition, but also perform joint prophylaxis.

What is the need for vitamin C, which includes the composition of the liquid collagen?

It improves the uptake of collagen and stimulates the production of their collagen.

What accessories are not recommended for use in collagen?

It is not recommended to dilute collagen with drinks containing protein because they aggravate collagen absorption.

Multicomponyte product is the effect of multifunction.

The small molecular weight ensures that the preparation components quickly, easily and fully absorbed.

The liquid form is convenient and easy to use, easily digested.

The single dose of 20 ml is 1 ampoule preparation.

What collagen do you buy better?

Course HSC Collagen Premium Duration and How to Use?

Drinking collagen in the morning with an empty stomach, because when the supplement falls into the digestible tract the body is easier to separate from food and break down into amino acids. If the biologically active food supplement is used more than once a day, it should be taken 4 hours after the latter and 30 minutes before the next.

For adults - one vial (20 ml) per day or every other day

Minimum Course: 15 vial (3 blister packs)

Recommended 3-4 courses per year

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