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Last update date: 2022-08-02


1.1. We care about your privacy and the security of your personal data, which is why we have prepared this privacy policy (hereinafter - Privacy Policy), where we explain how we process and protect your personal data, what rights we ensure, and provide other information about processing of your personal data.

1.2. As used in this Privacy Policy, the term "personal data" (hereinafter - Personal Data) means any information or set of information by which we can directly or indirectly identify you, for example by your name, electronic postal address, phone number, etc.

1.3. When processing your Personal Data, we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 (EU) (hereinafter - GDPR) and the requirements of the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as the instructions of the controlling authorities.

1.4. The privacy policy applies when you visit our online store, available at (hereinafter - Website strong>), our social. on network accounts Facebook, Instagram and Youtube (hereinafter Social Accounts), view information provided by us, order products and services we offer, contact us by phone, e-mail communication channels, you are interested in our offers or ask other questions.

1.5. The website may contain links to external websites - websites of our business partners or websites promoting our products. When following such links to any such websites, please note that these websites have their own separate privacy policies and that this Privacy Policy does not apply to them. Before submitting your Personal Data to these websites or using their offers, please review their privacy policies.

1.6. If you order goods from us or otherwise use the website, visit our social accounts, contact us, subscribe to our news, we consider that you have read and agreed to the terms of the Privacy Policy and the purposes, methods and procedure of using Personal Data specified in it. If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy, you may not use the website, social accounts, or contact us for product offers.

1.7. This Privacy Policy may change, so please visit the website from time to time and read the latest published version of the Privacy Policy.

 2.    WHO ARE WE?

2.1. The controller of your personal data is UAB "Kristalė", legal entity code 302446310, registration address Sporto st. 8-77, LT-09200 Vilnius, data about the company are collected and stored in the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter - Company or we).

2.2. We manage the website and the electronic store accessible through it, as well as the social accounts.


3.1. We process your Personal Data obtained in the following ways:

3.1.1. When you provide us with personal data, for example, when you register on the website, order our products, contact us by e-mail. by mail or phone, etc.);

3.1.2. When we collect your personal data when you use the website, social accounts, for example your IP address, history of visiting the website, choices, opened URL links, etc.

3.1.3. When we receive Personal Data from other persons, for example, when we receive information from public registers, state or local self-government institutions or bodies, our partners, for example delivering goods to you, other third parties, for example payment institutions, about payments made, etc.< /p>

3.1.4. When your personal data is provided to us by your relatives or acquaintances, with your consent, as well as when your data is provided by companies (your employers), for example, they indicate your contacts to pick up the goods, indicate you as the recipient of the goods or an authorized person, etc.

3.2. We process your Personal Data in order to offer and provide you with services, to fulfill our contractual obligations to you, as well as to pursue our or third parties' legitimate interest, to fulfill the instructions or obligations of legal acts.

3.3. By providing Personal Data to us, you are responsible for the correctness, completeness, and relevance of this Personal Data. When you provide Personal Data about other persons (for example, your relatives), you are responsible for the correctness, completeness and relevance of such Personal Data, as well as for the consent of such a person to have his Personal Data provided to us. When you provide such data, we may ask you to confirm that you have the right to provide them (for example, when filling out forms for ordering goods or registering on the website). If necessary (for example, such a person asks us about obtaining his Personal Data), we will identify you as the provider of such data.

3.4. We process your Personal Data for the following purposes and conditions:

Purpose of processing personal data

Personal data is processed

Personal data processing terms

Legal basis for processing personal data

Registration by e-mail in the store and using a registered user account.

First name, last name, Facebook account ID, Google account ID, e-mail mail, password, phone No., address/delivery address, account visit history, purchase history.

Using account during the period and 5 years from the last login to the account, and after withdrawal of consent - until the expiration of the consent (when the data is processed on the basis of consent).

Consent of the data subject to such data processing (Article 6, paragraph 1, point a) of the GDPR);

Processing data is necessary in order to conclude and execute a contract (Article 6, paragraph 1, point b) of the GDPR);

Legitimate interests of the data controller or a third party (GDPR Article 6 d. 1 point f)).

Sale of goods, including delivery of goods.

First name, last name, e-mail mail, phone No., address/delivery address, connection with the legal entity (how the legal entity acquires the goods), res. count No., payment information, order information, shopping cart history.

During the period of validity of the contract/order execution and 10 years from the end of the contract/order execution.

Processing data is necessary in order to conclude and execute a contract (Article 6, paragraph 1, point b) of the GDPR);

Legitimate interests of the data controller or a third party (GDPR Article 6 d. 1 point f)).

Administration of product quality questions and other requests.

Name, surname, e-mail mail, phone No., address/ delivery address, connection with a legal entity (when the goods are purchased by a legal entity), res. count No., payment information, information about purchased goods.

During the administration period of the quality issue and 5 years after the end of the administration of the quality issue or the last contact, and after the withdrawal of consent - until the end of the validity of the consent (when the data is processed on the basis of consent).

Consent of the data subject to such data processing (Article 6, paragraph 1, point a) of the GDPR);

Legitimate interests of the data controller or a third party (GDPR Article 6 d. 1 point f)).

Performance of financial transactions, accounting.

Name, surname, e-mail mail, phone No., connection with a legal entity, when applying on behalf of a legal entity, address, resp. count No., payment information.

According to the regulatory legal acts, as well as in accordance with the decision of the Chief Archivist of the Republic of Lithuania dated March 9, 2011. by order no. V-100 is approved by the General Document Storage Term Index;

When the data does not fall within the above-mentioned storage area - the duration of the contract/parties' cooperation and 10 years after the contract/relationship ends (last contact).

Processing data is necessary in order to fulfill the legal obligation imposed on the data controller (GDPR Article 6, paragraph 1, point c));

Legitimate interests of the data controller or a third party (GDPR Article 6 d. 1 point f)).

Management, operation assurance and quality improvement of electronic information submission channels (website, social accounts).

IP address, data collected with the help of website cookies and settings;

Data is collected with the help of social account integration.

Website data is stored as described in the "Cookies and other tracking technologies" section of this privacy policy;

In social accounts, information is stored according to the conditions set by the owner of this network.

Consent of the data subject to such data processing (Article 6, paragraph 1, point a) of the GDPR);

Legitimate interests of the data controller or a third party (GDPR Article 6 d. 1 point f)).

Execution of direct marketing (sending newsletters).

Name, surname, e-mail postal address.

Data is processed for 2 years from the receipt of consent.

Consent of the data subject to such data processing (Article 6, paragraph 1, point a) of the GDPR);

Legitimate interests of the data controller or a third party (GDPR Article 6 d. 1 point f)).

Resolution of disputes and claims.

Name, surname, e-mail mail, phone No. address/delivery address, content of claim or other similar document, information/documents related to the dispute/claim.

The entire period of dispute/claim consideration and 3 years from the end of non-judicial dispute/claim consideration and 10 years after the end of judicial dispute consideration.

Processing data is necessary in order to fulfill the legal obligation imposed on the data controller (GDPR Article 6, paragraph 1, point c));

Legitimate interests of the data controller or a third party (GDPR Article 6 d. 1 point f)).

You have the right to disagree or withdraw your consent to the processing of your data at any time when the data is processed on the basis of your consent.

3.5. We post information about ourselves and our activities in our Social Accounts. In addition to this Privacy Policy, users of Social Accounts are also subject to the privacy policy and rules of the operators of the social networks where the Social Accounts are located. When you contact us on Social Accounts, we may see certain information about your account, depending on the privacy settings of your social network. If you post information when communicating with us on Social Accounts, depending on the privacy settings you choose, the posted information may be made public (for example, displayed as your public comment).

3.6. In some cases, we may send you messages related to the order or sale of goods or call you, for example, we may inform you about the confirmation of the order of goods, the delivery of goods, changes in the delivery of goods. Such messages are necessary for the proper fulfillment of your orders. They are not considered advertising messages.

3.7. You have the right to change and update your information provided to us. In some cases (for example, when fulfilling your orders) it is necessary for us to have accurate and up-to-date information about you, so we may ask you periodically to confirm that the information we have about you is correct.

3.8. If you pay for the goods offered by us on the website, the payment platform provider will collect payment data in accordance with its privacy policy. For this reason, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of our payment partners. From the payment platform provider, we will only receive information about your payment (amount, date, etc.), and we will not collect your payment data.


4.1. We collect and process only such Personal Data as are necessary to achieve the Personal Data Processing purposes specified by us.

4.2. When processing your Personal Data, we:

4.2.1. We comply with the requirements of valid and applicable legal acts, including GDPR;

4.2.2. We handle it for you ns data in a legal, fair and transparent manner;

4.2.3. We collect your Personal Data for established, clearly defined and legitimate purposes and do not process them in a manner incompatible with those purposes, except to the extent permitted by law;

4.2.4. We take all reasonable measures to ensure that Personal Data that is not accurate or complete, taking into account the purposes of its processing, is immediately corrected, supplemented, suspended or destroyed;

4.2.5. We keep them in such a form that your identity can be determined no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the Personal Data is processed;

4.2.6. We do not provide Personal Data to third parties and will not disclose them, other than as specified in the Privacy Policy or applicable legislation;

4.2.7. We ensure that your personal data is handled securely.


5.1. We will transfer your Personal Data only as specified in this Privacy Policy.

5.2. We can transfer your Personal Data to:

5.2.1. For our partners or consultants, for example, auditors, lawyers, tax consultants, etc., as well as Personal Data Processors we use, for example, couriers, IT companies, companies providing advertising and marketing services, companies providing accounting services, etc. We require data processors to store, process and treat Personal Data as responsibly as we do and only in accordance with our instructions. We have used the following partners and data processors: Accounting, financial services - Panevėžio Rivilė UAB (Lithuania); Collection of contributions - Paysera LT, UAB (Lithuania). IT solutions, IT security maintenance and technical services - Panevėžio Rivilė UAB (Lithuania); Cloud and hosting service providers - "UAB Bartus pro" (Lithuania); Couriers, parcel delivery services, postal services: Omniva LT, UAB (Lithuania); Lithuanian Post, AB (Lithuania).

5.2.2. In order to be able to publish your content on social network accounts, we provide data to the following social network platform operators: LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company (Ireland) and LinkedIn Corporation (USA) (data is transferred securely to the service provider by signing the EU Standard Contractual Terms for data transfer outside the European Economic Area approved by the European Commission); Facebook Ireland Ltd. (Ireland) and Facebook, Inc. (USA) (data is transferred securely to the service provider by signing the EU Standard Contractual Conditions for data transfer outside the European Economic Area approved by the European Commission).

5.2.3. To state or local self-government institutions and institutions, law enforcement and pre-trial investigation institutions, courts and other institutions examining disputes, other persons performing the functions assigned by law, in accordance with the procedure provided by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. We provide these entities with the information required by law or specified by the entities themselves;

5.2.4. To other third parties, such as payment institutions, etc.;

5.2.5. If necessary - for companies that intend to buy or would buy the Company's business or carry out joint activities with us or cooperate in another form, as well as for companies established by us.

5.2.6. We usually process Personal Data in the European Economic Area, but in some cases Your Personal Data may be transferred outside the European Economic Area (hereinafter referred to as the EEA). Your Personal Data is transferred outside the EEA only under the following conditions: Data is transferred only to our trusted partners who ensure the provision of our services to you; Data processing or provision agreements have been signed with such partners, by which they ensure the security of your Personal Data; A special permission of the State Data Protection Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania to carry out such a transfer was obtained; The European Union Commission has made a decision on the suitability of the country where our partner is established, i.e. an adequate level of security is ensured; or You have given your consent to the transfer of your Personal Data outside the European Economic Area.


6.1. You, as a data subject, have the following rights related to your Personal Data:

6.1.1. To know (to be informed) about the processing of your Personal Data (right to know);

6.1.2. Get acquainted with your personal data and how they are processed (right to access);

6.1.3. Demand correction or, taking into account the purposes of Personal data processing, supplement incomplete Personal data (right to correction);

6.1.4. Demand the destruction of Your Personal Data or the suspension of the processing of Your Personal Data (except for storage) (the right to destruction and the right to "be forgotten");

6.1.5. Demand that we restrict the processing of Personal Data for one of the legitimate reasons (right to restriction);

6.1.6. Right to data portability (right to portability). This right will be exercised only if there are grounds for its implementation and adequate technical measures to ensure that the transfer of the requested Personal Data to the data of other persons will not cause a risk of security breach;

6.1.7. Do not consent to the processing of your personal data when we process personal data on the basis of the legitimate interest of the Company or a third party, including profiling. If you object, we will continue to process your Personal Data only for compelling legitimate reasons that override your interests, rights and freedoms, or to assert, enforce or defend legal claims;

6.1.8. Withdraw the given consent to the processing of your Personal data, when these data are processed or intended to be processed for the purposes of direct marketing, including profiling, as far as it is related to such direct marketing (based on the Personal data provided by you, profiling may be carried out for the purpose of direct marketing in order to offer you individually tailored solutions and offers. You can at any time withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data by automated processing, including profiling, or object to it).

6.2. If you do not want your personal data to be processed for the purpose of direct marketing, including profiling, you can opt out of such data processing without specifying the reasons for the refusal (disagreement) by writing an e-mail to a letter to the address, or in another way specified in the message provided to you (for example, by clicking on the corresponding link in the newsletter).

6.3. We may refuse to exercise your rights listed above, with the exception of objection to the processing of your Personal Data for the purpose of direct marketing or in other cases where Personal Data is processed with your consent, when your request allows us not to comply with GDPR provisions, or when, in cases provided for by law, it is necessary to ensure crimes, prevention, investigation and detection of violations of official or professional ethics, as well as protection of the rights and freedoms of the data subject, us and other persons.

6.4. You can submit any request or instruction related to the processing of Personal Data to us in writing by e-mail. by mail When submitting such a request, you must accurately indicate your name, surname, contact details, substantiate your identity, if necessary, provide evidence related to the request and describe the essence of the request in as much detail as possible. When submitting such a request, in order to better understand the content of your request, we may ask you to fill in the necessary forms, as well as provide an identity document or other information that will help us verify your identity. After submitting the request by e-mail by mail, depending on its content, we may ask you to come to us or submit a request in writing. If your request is unclear and you do not specify it, as well as if we are unable to verify your identity, we will not process your request and indicate the reasons for non-processing.

6.5. Upon receiving your request or instruction regarding the processing of Personal Data, we will provide an answer and perform the steps indicated in the request or inform you why we refuse to perform them, no later than within 1 month from the date of the request. If necessary, the specified period can be extended by another 2 months, depending on the complexity and number of requests. In this case, you will receive it within 1 month of the request we will inform you about such an extension.

6.6. If Personal Data is deleted at your request, we will only keep copies of information that are necessary to protect our and other persons' legitimate interests, to comply with the obligations of state institutions, to resolve disputes, to identify interference or to comply with any agreements you have with us.


7.1. After receiving your consent, we may use your Personal Data for direct marketing purposes in order to provide you with newsletters, offers and information about our products or services that we think may be of interest to you, as well as to inquire about the products or services we provide and service quality.

7.2. News can be sent by e-mail. by mail, as well as messages in your account. Your contacts may be transferred to our partners/managers who provide us with news delivery or quality assessment services.

7.3. After sending news, we may collect information about the people who received them, for example, which message people opened, what links they clicked, etc. Such information is collected in order to offer you relevant and more tailored news.

7.4. Even if you have given consent to the processing of Personal Data for direct marketing purposes, you can easily withdraw this consent at any time for all or part of the processing of Personal Data. To do this, you can:

7.4.1. notify us of your opt-out in the manner specified in electronic communications and/or offers (for example, by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link in the newsletter, etc.); or

7.4.2. change your account settings on the Website; or

7.4.3. send us a message to the email address specified in this Privacy Policy. If you request to withdraw consent in this way, we may ask you to verify your identity.

7.5. If you withdraw your consent, we will try to stop sending news to your contacts immediately.

7.6. Withdrawal of consent does not automatically oblige us to destroy your Personal Data or provide you with information about the Personal Data we process, so you should submit a separate request for these actions.

7.7. In order to show you more relevant personalized advertising, our advertising partners use various mobile and internet cookies. Personalized advertising will be shown to you only with your consent. Advertising personalization cookies are used to measure the group, activate contextual advertising and/or targeted campaigns. We have no control over these third-party tracking technologies and their use. Third-party cookies are governed by the third-party privacy policies. You can opt out of personalized cookies by changing your browser settings or in other ways that are specified in Section 9 of the Privacy Policy.


8.1. Your Personal Data is handled responsibly, securely and is protected against loss, unauthorized use and changes. We have implemented physical and technical measures to protect the information we collect from accidental or unauthorized destruction, damage, alteration, loss, disclosure, and any other unauthorized processing. We use such Personal Data security measures as data encryption, use of passwords, limited access to Personal Data, use of anti-virus programs, regular software updates, physical security measures, and others. Personal data security measures are determined taking into account the risks arising from the processing of Personal data.

8.2. Our employees have a written commitment not to disclose or distribute your Personal Data to third parties.


9.1. A cookie is a small text file that stores information (often consisting only of a sequence of numbers and letters that identifies the device, but may also contain other information) that is used in the browser of the device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) (e.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, etc.) according to its settings and saved on the device's hard drive. In the Privacy Policy, we use the term "cookies" to refer to cookies and the like to describe technologies such as pixel tags, web beacons, network data collectors (clear GIF). The use of cookies ensures a better and more efficient operation of the website, as well as integrations with social accounts.

9.2. We use cookies to analyze information flows and user behavior, to promote trust and to ensure security, as well as to ensure the proper functioning of the website, its improvement, remembering your chosen settings, in order to personalize the content shown to you, to link the website with social accounts.

9.3. You can choose whether you want to accept cookies. If you do not agree to cookies being saved to the browser of your computer or other device, you can mark your consent in the cookie bar, change the settings of the browser you are using and disable cookies (all at once or one by one or in groups). If you want to refuse cookies on your mobile device, you must follow the official instructions for that device. Please note that in some cases, opting out of cookies may slow down browsing, limit the functionality of certain websites or block access to the website. More details are available at or

9.4. You can opt-out of the use of third-party cookies for advertising-related purposes by visiting the Network Advertising opt-out page at managing/opt_out.asp.

9.5. We may use mandatory cookies that are necessary for the operation of the website, analytical cookies, functional cookies that are used to analyze website visits, remember user preferences and adapt them to the website so that we can provide improved functions, performance cookies, third-party cookies that third parties use advertising cookies, which are designed to show you personalized and general advertising.

9.6. We use the following Google Inc. products that record cookies:

9.6.1. Google Analytics - analyzes how you use the Platform, compiles reports based on this analysis, helps plan and forecast the operation of the Platform and services. The data collected by Google Analytics is usually transmitted to and stored on a Google Inc server in the United States. You can change your browser settings to prevent Google Analytics from analyzing your information. In this case, an opt-out cookie will be saved for you. However, if you delete all cookies, the opt-out cookie may also be deleted. You can also prevent Google from capturing data by downloading and installing a browser plug-in from dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en.

9.6.2. "Google Remarketing" - allows you to repeatedly display advertisements on the websites of Google Inc.'s partner network. If you do not wish to receive tailored advertising, you can change your settings as needed at In this case, an opt-out cookie will be saved for you. However, if you delete all cookies, the opt-out cookie may also be deleted.

9.7. Our website uses cookies:

Cookie name

Purpose of the cookie

Purpose of data processing

Moment of Creation

Expiry Date

Data used


The Google Analytics cookie collects information about user behavior on the website and is used to save statistical information.

Analytical cookies

When entering the page, when the user agrees to receive cookies

2 years

Unique identifier


Cookies are used to collect information about visitors' browsing habits. The information is used to create reports and improve the website. Information is collected in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors, where visitors came from and which pages they visited.

Analytical cookies

At the time of entering the page

2 years

IP addresses and unique ID numbers are used for accounting. The accounting result is statistical. Counter accounting is done via Google Analytics.


The Google Analytics cookie is used to collect statistical information about website traffic.

Analytical cookies

At the time of entering the page

30 minutes

IP addresses and unique ID numbers are used for accounting. The accounting result is statistical. Counter accounting is done via Google Analytics.

fbsr_..., fbm_..., fr, oo, ddid

Facebook for the purposes of online advertising based on third-party user behavior. Third party cookies

Analytical cookies

By visiting the website

10 min, 1 year, 90 days, 5 years, 28 days

All publicly available data on the platform are used for accounting


10.1. If you have any questions regarding the information provided in this Privacy Policy, please contact:

E-mail by mail:;

Tel.: 8-5 273 2799;

By mail: Sporto st. 8-7, LT-09200 Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania.

10.2. If you wish to make a complaint about our processing of Personal Data, please submit it to us in writing, giving as much detail as possible. We will cooperate with you and try to resolve all issues immediately.

10.3. If you believe that your rights have been violated in accordance with the GDPR, you can file a complaint with our supervisory authority - the State Data Protection Inspectorate, you can find more information and contact details on the inspectorate's website ( We aim to promptly and peacefully resolve all disputes, so we invite you to contact us first.


11.1. We may change this Privacy Policy. We will notify you about the changes on the website by posting the updated Privacy Policy or by other usual means of communication. Additions or changes to the Privacy Policy take effect from the update date specified in the Privacy Policy, unless a different effective date is specified.

11.2. If you continue to use the website, order goods from us, use our social accounts, contact us after the changes to the Privacy Policy, you are considered to have accepted the changed Privacy Policy.




1.     Slapukai – tai nedidelis tekstinis failas, saugantis informaciją (dažnai sudarytą tik iš skaičių ir raidžių sekos, identifikuojančios įrenginį, tačiau gali turėti ir kitos informacijos), kuri naudojama įrenginio (kompiuterio, planšetinio kompiuterio, mobiliojo telefono ar kt.) naršyklėje (pvz., „Google Chrome“, „Internet Explorer“, „Firefox“, „Mozilla“, „Opera“ ir kt.) pagal jos nustatymus ir išsaugoma įrenginio kietajame diske. Privatumo politikoje terminą „slapukai“ naudojame slapukams ir kitoms panašioms technologijoms, pavyzdžiui, pikselių žymoms (angl. „Pixel Tags“), žiniatinklio indikatoriams (angl. „Web Beacon“), tinklo duomenų rinkėjams (angl. „clear GIF“) apibūdinti. Slapukų naudojimas užtikrina geresnį ir veiksmingesnį Interneto svetainės veikimą, taip pat integracijas su Socialinėmis paskyromis.

2.     Mes naudojame slapukus informacijos srautų ir vartotojų elgesio analizei, pasitikėjimui skatinti bei saugumui užtikrinti, taip pat siekdami užtikrinti Interneto svetainės tinkamą veikimą, jos tobulinimą, Jūsų pasirinktų nustatymų įsiminimą, siekdami personalizuoti Jums rodomą turinį, susieti Interneto svetainę su Socialinėmis paskyromis.

3.     Jūs galite pasirinkti, ar norite priimti slapukus. Jeigu nesutinkate, kad į Jūsų kompiuterio ar į kito įrenginio naršyklę būtų įrašomi slapukai, galite pažymėti apie tai sutikimo dėl slapukų juostoje, pakeisti naudojamos naršyklės nustatymus ir išjungti slapukus (visus iš karto ar po vieną, ar grupėmis). Jei norite slapukų atsisakyti savo mobiliajame įrenginyje, Jūs turite sekti šiam įrenginiui skirtas oficialias instrukcijas. Atkreipiame dėmesį, kad kai kuriais atvejais slapukų atsisakymas gali sulėtinti naršymo spartą, apriboti tam tikrų interneto svetainių funkcijų veikimą arba blokuoti prieigą prie svetainės. Išsamesnė informacija pateikta adresu arba

4.     Trečiųjų šalių slapukų naudojimą su reklama susijusiais tikslais galite išjungti apsilankę „Network Advertising“ išjungimo puslapyje adresu

5.     Mes galime naudoti privalomus slapukus, kurie būtini Interneto svetainės veikimui užtikrinti, analitinius slapukus, funkcinius slapukus, kurie skirti analizuoti Interneto svetainės lankymą, įsiminti vartotojų pageidavimus ir pritaikyti juos Interneto svetainei, kad mes galėtume suteikti patobulintas funkcijas, našumo slapukus, trečiųjų asmenų slapukus, kuriuos naudoja trečiosios šalys, reklamos slapukus, kurie skirti rodyti Jums personalizuotą ir bendrą reklamą.

6.     Mes naudojame šiuos „Google Inc.“ produktus, kurie įrašo slapukus:

6.1.     „Google Analytics“ - analizuoja, kaip naudojatės Platforma, sudaro šia analize paremtas ataskaitas, padeda planuoti bei prognozuoti Platformos ir paslaugų veiklą. „Google Analytics“ surinkti duomenys, paprastai perduodami ir saugomi „Google Inc“ serveryje JAV. Jūs galite pakeisti savo naršyklės nustatymus ir taip neleisti „Google Analytics“ analizuoti informacijos. Tokiu atveju Jums bus įrašytas atsisakymo slapukas. Tačiau jei ištrinsite visus slapukus, atsisakymo slapukas taip pat gali būti ištrintas.  Taip pat galite neleisti „Google“ fiksuoti duomenų, atsisiųsdami ir įdiegdami naršyklės papildinį iš

6.2.    „Google Remarketing” - leidžia pakartotinai parodyti reklamas „Google Inc“ partnerių tinklo svetainėse. Jei nepageidaujate gauti specialiai pritaikytos reklamos, jūs galite adresu pagal poreikį pakeisti nustatymus. Tokiu atveju Jums bus įrašytas atsisakymo slapukas. Tačiau jei ištrinsite visus slapukus, atsisakymo slapukas taip pat gali būti ištrintas.

7.     Mūsų Interneto svetainėje naudojami slapukai:


Slapuko pavadinimas

Slapuko paskirtis

Duomenų tvarkymo tikslas

Sukūrimo momentas

Galiojimo laikas

Naudojami duomenys


Google Analytics slapukas renka informaciją apie vartotojų elgseną svetainėje ir yra naudojamas siekiant išsaugoti statistinę informaciją.

Analitiniai slapukai

Įėjimo į puslapį metu, kai vartotojas sutinka gauti slapukus

2 metai

Unikalus identifikatorius


Slapukai naudojami siekiant surinkti informaciją apie lankytojų naršymo ypatumus. Informacija naudojama kuriant ataskaitas ir internetinio puslapio tobulinimui. Informacija renkama anonimine forma, įskaitant lankytojų skaičių, iš kur lankytojai atėjo bei kokiuose puslapiuose apsilankė.

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2 metai

Apskaitai naudojami IP adresai ir unikalūs ID numeriai. Apskaitos rezultatas statistinis. Skaitiklio apskaita atliekama per „Google Analytics“.


Google Analytics Slapukas naudojamas statistinei informacijai apie interneto svetainės lankomumą rinkti.

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Apskaitai naudojami IP adresai ir unikalūs ID numeriai. Apskaitos rezultatas statistinis. Skaitiklio apskaita atliekama per „Google Analytics“.

fbsr_..., fbm_..., fr, oo, ddid

Facebook trečiosios šalies naudotojo elgesiu grindžiamos internetinės reklamos tikslais. Trečiųjų šalių slapukai

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Apsilankius interneto svetainėje

10 min, 1 metus, 90 dienų, 5 metai, 28 dienos

Apskaitai naudojami visi viešai prieinami duomenys platformoje




  1. Duomenų valdytojas ir svetainės operatorius yra UAB „Kristalė“, įmonės kodas 302446310, PVM mokėtojo kodas LT100005108618, buveinės adresas Sporto g. 8-77, LT-09200 Vilnius, Lietuvos Respublika, elektroninio pašto adresas –
  2. Šios vartotojų Atsiliepimų tvarkymo taisyklės (toliau – Taisyklės) nustato UAB „Kristalė“ Klientų Atsiliepimų apie įsigytas prekes rinkimo, tvarkymo ir jų viešinimo tvarką.
  3. Atsiliepimas – tai Kliento, įsigijusio prekę internetinėje svetainėje, pateikta atvira nuomonė apie prekę.
  4. Reitingas – tai Kliento įsigytos prekės internėtinėje svetainėje pateiktas įvertinimas „balais“ 5 (penkių) žvaigždučių sistemoje.
  5. Klientas – veiksnus fizinis arba juridinis asmuo, įsigijęs prekių internetinėje parduotuvėje
  6. Kitos Taisyklėse naudojamos sąvokos suprantamos taip, kaip apibrėžtosLietuvos Respublikos reklamos įstatyme, Lietuvos Respublikos nesąžiningos komercinės veiklos vartotojams draudimo įstatyme ir kituose teisės aktuose.


II. Atsiliepimų rinkimo tvarka

  1. Bendrovė skelbia autentiškus, t. y. tik pačių Klientų sukurtus ir Bendrovei pateiktus Atsiliepimus. Koreguojamas gali būti tik pranešimo ilgis, akivaizdžios gramatinės ar skyrybos klaidos.
  2. Atsiliepimai renkami Bendrovės  iniciatyva, kreipiantis į Klientus jų nurodytu el. pašto adresu po to, kai jie įsigijo prekes, tokiu būdu užtikrinant, kad Atsiliepimas yra gaunamas iš asmens, kuris įsigijo prekes.
  3. Bendras Reitingų balas skaičiuojamas išvedus aritmetinį vidurkį, t. y. susumavus visus gautus įvertinimų balus (žvaigždutes) ir padalijus juos iš gautų įvertinimų balų skaičiaus.
  4. Atsiliepimus gali palikti tik užsiregistravę vartotojai, įsigiję prekes
  5. Atsiliepimų autentiškumas yra užtikrinamas juos autorizuojant per „Facebook“ ir (ar) „Google“ sistemas.
  6. Bendrovė skelbia tiek teigiamus, tiek neigiamus vartotojų Atsiliepimus.
  7. Bendrovė neskelbia komentarų ir turi blokuoti komentarus, kurie:
    - yra susiję su nelegalia veikla;
    - Atsiliepimų turinys yra įžeidžiantis arba susijęs su Bendrovės paslaugomis ar prekės ženklu;
    - Atsiliepimuose yra keiksmažodžių, neapykantos kurstymo, diskriminacijos, grasinimų ir pan.
  8. viešai rodo tik Atsiliepimą pateikusio asmens vardą ir Atsiliepimo turinį.
  9. Vadovaujantis teisės aktų reikalavimais el. pašto adresas, telefono numeris ar kita informacija susijusi su asmeniu, kuris pateikė Atsiliepimą nėra publikuojama teisėtais pagrindais.
  10. Atsiliepimai skelbiami lietuvių kalba.
  11. Atsiliepimus internetinėje parduotuvėje vartotojai skelbia neatlygintinai.
  12. Bendrovė turi teisę keisti, taisyti ir pildyti Taisykles teisės aktuose nustatyta tvarka. Taisyklių pakeitimai įsigalioja nuo jų paskelbimo internetinėje parduotuvėje momento.


III. Baigiamosios nuostatos

  1. Šios Taisyklės sudarytos vadovaujantis LR teisės aktais.
  2. Asmens identifikacijos dėl pateikto Atsiliepimo ir (ar) Reitingo apie prekę tikslu bei siekdama vartotojams leisti susipažinti su internetinėje svetainėje įsigijusių prekę pirkėjų patirtimi ir nuomone (vertinimu), tvarko Klientų pateiktus asmens duomenis. Daugiau apie asmens duomenų tvarkymą galima sužinoti privatumo politikoje.
  3. Asmenys gali kreiptis dėl Bendrovės vykdomo Atsiliepimų tvarkymo el. paštu: arba telefonu +370 655 59770.
  4. Asmenys, manantys, kad jų teisės buvo pažeistos, gali prašymą/skundą pateikti Valstybinei vartotojų teisių apsaugos tarnybai (Vilniaus g. 25, 01402 Vilnius, el.p., tel. 85 262 67 51, faks. (85) 279 1466, interneto svetainėje (taip pat Valstybinės vartotojų teisių apsaugos tarnybos teritoriniams padaliniams apskrityse) - ar užpildyti prašymo formą EGS platformoje


(Toliau, „mes“, „mes“, „mūsų“) siūlo mobiliųjų pranešimų programą („Programą“), kuriai jūs sutinkate naudoti ir joje dalyvauti, atsižvelgiant į šias mobiliųjų pranešimų sąlygas ir sąlygas („susitarimas“). Mes negalime modifikuoti arba atšaukti programą ar bet kurią iš jos funkcijų be išankstinio įspėjimo. Ši sutartis apsiriboja programa ir nėra skirta pakeisti kitas sąlygas ir sąlygas ar privatumo politiką, kuri gali valdyti jūsų ir mūsų santykius kitose situacijose. Mes taip pat galime bet kuriuo metu pakeisti šią sutartį, o jūs toliau naudojate programą po bet kokių tokių pakeitimų įsigaliojimo dienos, tai reiškia, kad jūs priimsite tokius pakeitimus.


Programa leidžia vartotojams gauti SMS/MMS mobiliuosius pranešimus, sutikusiems naudotis programa per elektroninės parduotuvės prenumeratos formas. Jūsų sutikimas gauti automatinius rinkodaros tekstinius pranešimus jūsų neįpareigoja pirkti prekes ar paslaugas. Nepriklausomai nuo sutikimo su prenumerata būdo, kurį naudojote sutikdami gauti sms pranešimus, sutinkate, kad ši sutartis taikoma jūsų dalyvavimui Programoje. Jei sutikote su Programos prenumerata, programoje pateikiami atnaujinimai, perspėjimai, informacija, akcijos, specialūs pasiūlymai ir kiti rinkodaros pasiūlymai (pvz., Prekių nuolaidos) nuo tekstinių pranešimų per jūsų mobiliojo ryšio tiekėją iki jūsų pateikto mobiliojo telefono numerio. SMS/MMS mobilieji pranešimai gali būti siunčiami naudojant automatizuotą telefono rinkimo sistemą ar kitą technologiją. Pranešimo dažnis skiriasi. Jūs esate atsakingi už visus mokesčius, susijusius su jūsų mobiliojo ryšio paslaugų teikėjo nustatytais teksto pranešimams. Gali būti taikomi pranešimai ir duomenų perdavimo mokesčiai.


Jei nebenorite tęsti Programos prenumeratos arba nebesutinkate su šios sutarties sąlygomis, į bet kurį mūsų jums atsiųstą tekstinį/sms pranešimą atsakykite žodžiu „STOP“ - mes sustabdysime prenumeratą ir jūs nebegausite iš mūsų pranešimų. Galite gauti tik vieną papildomą mobilųjį pranešimą, patvirtinantį jūsų sprendimą atsisakyti prenumeratos. Jūs suprantate ir sutinkate, kad aukščiau paminėtas prenumeratos atsisakymo metodas yra vienintelis pagrįstas atsisakymo metodas. Jūs taip pat suprantate ir sutinkate, kad bet koks kitas būdas atsisakyti prenumeratos, įskaitant, bet tuo neapsiribojant, žodžinį, išskyrus tuos, kurie išdėstyti aukščiau, arba žodžiu prašant vieno iš mūsų darbuotojų, kad pašalintų jus iš mūsų prenumeratorių sąrašo, nėra pagrįsta priemonė atsisakyti prenumeratos.


Dėl bet kokių klausimų rašykite „HELP“ numeriu, iš kurio gavote pranešimus. Norėdami gauti daugiau informacijos, taip pat galite susisiekti su mumis. Jei norite atsisakyti prenumeratos, atlikite aukščiau pateiktas procedūras.


Mes galime pakeisti bet kurį telefono numerį, kurį naudojame pranešimų siuntimui, bet kuriuo metu. Mes visada pranešime apie šiuos pakeitimus. Jūs suprantate, kad jūsų pranešimų, įskaitant prenumeratos sustabdymo ar pagalbos užklausų, išsiųstų į mūsų pasikeitusį telefono numerį, mes negausime ir todėl negalėsime įvykdyti prenumeratos atšaukimo ar atsakyti į užklausas.


Programą palaikantys mobiliųjų ryšių tiekėjai nėra atsakingi už pranešimų vėlavimą ar nepristatytus pranešimus. Jūs sutinkate pateikti mums galiojantį mobiliojo telefono numerį. Jūs sutinkate dalintis su mumis tikslia informacija, susijusia su pranešimų gavimu, įskaitant, bet neapribojant, nedelsiant pranešti mums, jei pakeisite savo mobiliojo telefono numerį.


Jūs sutinkate atlyginti žalą, ginti ir apsaugoti mus nuo bet kokių trečiųjų šalių pretenzijų, atsakomybės, žalos ar išlaidų, kylančių dėl to, kad naudojatės Programa arba pateikiate mums ne savo telefono numerį. Jei bet kuriuo metu ketinate nustoti naudotis mobiliojo telefono numeriu, kuris buvo naudojamas užsiprenumeruoti pranešimų Programą, įskaitant paslaugų plano atšaukimą arba telefono numerio pardavimą ar perleidimą kitai šaliai, sutinkate, kad atliksite pranešimų Programos atsisakymo procesą, prieš baigiant naudotis mobiliojo telefono numeriu.

Jūs suprantate ir sutinkate, kad jūsų sutikimas tai padaryti yra būtina šių sąlygų dalis. Taip pat sutinkate, kad jei pakeisite savo telefono numerį, nepranešę mums apie tokius pakeitimus, sutinkate, kad būsite atsakingi už visas išlaidas (įskaitant advokatų mokesčius) ir įsipareigojimus, kuriuos patirsime mes, arba bet kuri šalis, padedanti pristatyti SMS/MMS mobiliuosius pranešimus dėl asmens (-ų) pateiktų pretenzijų, kuriems vėliau buvo priskirtas tas mobiliojo telefono numeris. Ši pareiga ir susitarimas galioja bet kuriuo jūsų sutikimo dalyvauti bet kurioje mūsų Programoje atšaukimo ar nutraukimo atveju.


Jūs sutinkate, kad mes nebūsime atsakingi už nesėkmingą, uždelstą ar neteisingai nukreiptą bet kokios informacijos, siunčiamos per Programą, pristatymą, bet kokias tokios informacijos klaidas ir (arba) bet kokius veiksmus, kurių imsitės ar nesiimsite, vadovaudamiesi pranešime pateikta informacija ar paslauga.


Negalite naudotis Programa, jei jums nėra trylikos (13) metų. Jei naudojatės Programa ir esate nuo trylikos (13) iki aštuoniolikos (18) metų amžiaus, turite turėti savo tėvų arba teisėto globėjo leidimą tai padaryti.

Naudodamiesi ar įsitraukdami į Programą, jūs pripažįstate ir sutinkate, kad nesate mažiau nei trylika (13) metų, esate nuo trylikos (13) iki aštuoniolikos metų amžiaus (18) ir turite savo tėvų ar teisėtų globėjų leidimą naudoti ar įsitraukti į Programą arba atitinkate suaugusiųjų amžių jūsų jurisdikcijoje. Naudodamiesi ar įsitraukdami į Programą, jūs taip pat pripažįstate ir sutinkate, kad jūsų jurisdikcijos taikomi įstatymai jums leidžia teisėtai naudoti ir (arba) įsitraukti į Programą.


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