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NAUJIENA Fealena scera Camisole - Beža Familia

NEW Fealena scera Camisole

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M size: Chest 79-87 cm
L size: Chest 86-94 cm


Clothes modeled by Japanese manufacturer Nippon Medoc are covered with biologically active mineral applications. The new blouse model has advantages: raised chest, torso fully affects the lumbar and back muscles.

A mixture of turmalin powder and other minerals is produced with the help of nanotechnology. Clothes with minerals are made by the Japanese with great care. Fabric with mineral applications is applied only by hand. Meanwhile, handmade japanese use only special products. The Japanese are famous in the world for being able to create complex clothing constructions in order to make a person feel very comfortable. Because when wearing underwear – comfort is the most important thing! Japanese clothes are made to lift the chest, form a firm tummy.

Firm tissue and special coughing of the blouse can help to return to its original position faster after giving birth. Wearing this blouse increases muscle elasticity and tone, so women return to normal life after childbirth faster and smoother. When wearing a blouse, the skin of the body becomes soft and smooth, due to the special minerals contained – turmalin, volcanic stone. The blouse is extremely comfortable – fits and the second skin – does not press or cry, but only pleasantly massages. Due to its high technology and special composition from minerals and metals, this lingerie not only prevents the accumulation of bacteria, but also has a special strength.