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RF Facial Procedure - Beja Familia

RF facial procedure

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Japan's unified opinion of beauticians – facial skin sprain with the help of radio wave frequency RF, this is the future of the beauty world.

Until recently, it was claimed that skin rejuvenation can only be done with severely enough skin injuries or surgical interventions. RF facial skin sprain with Japanese innovative Ya Man Pro these days equates to surgical intervention, and sometimes surpasses it. Ya Man Pro is the last fashion and technology challenge in the beauty world, instantly overpowering the japanese sympathies of the world's most beautiful leather holders.

  • What it is rf (Ya Man Pro apparatus) facial skin sprain is heating up to 45 degrees of middle and deep skin tissue. The connective skin tissues exposed to this apparatus shorten, become significantly firm, stimulate the new synthesis of colleden and elastin in the skin. The mechanism of skin rejuvenation is activated. The process of skin rejuvenation is observed for 6 months after the course RF procedures.
  • RF effect – all types of facial skin folds are reduced, the skin around the eyes is stretched, the facial contours become brighter, the face volume becomes smaller, the color becomes smooth, the skin texture becomes elastic.
  • What to choose RF or termažo – during the RF procedure the paodis heats up to 45 degrees, during the heatage – up to 60 degrees; RF shortens and strengthens the connective tissue, the aboliučiai replaces the structure of the connective tissue; RF works gently at the average frequency of radio waves, the thermoage acts at a deep and high frequency of waves.


BEŽA Familia Beauty Home – RF procedure is performed according to Japanese procedure, during the procedure is carried out deep cleansing of the skin, moisturizing, stimulation of facial muscles, firming of connective tissue, cryotherapy. During the procedure, only the most advanced technology cosmetics Forlle'd, MTMetatron are used.

Recommended course – 5-8 procedures with 10-12 day breaks