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PREMIUM Silver Shower Head-Japanese shower head-Barge Familia
PREMIUM shower head-Japanese shower head-Barge Familia
PREMIUM shower head - Japanese shower head - Beža Familia
PREMIUM shower head-Japanese shower head-Barge Familia
PREMIUM shower head-Japanese shower head-Barge Familia
PREMIUM shower head - Japanese shower head - Beža Familia

PREMIUM shower head - Japanese shower head

Pagaminta Japonijoje
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A novelty in the Lithuanian market is an unusual shower head PREMIUM with valuable minerals. The shower head, developed by Japanese scientists, is made of an alloy of rare detectable minerals and precious stones, which has a positive effect on human well-being. Due to the extremely high pressure created by the shower, your bathing will become an extremely pleasant and useful spa procedure. Valuable minerals are a part of nature, will help you feel an influx of strength and health.

Researchers have noted that the water of the mountain lakes around the Fujiyama volcano has healing properties. Studies have shown that certain minerals and precious stones of natural origin in the mountains give the water its unique properties. In the laboratory, thanks to a temperature of 1400 degrees Celsius, these materials were combined into a ceramic alloy with unique properties. This alloy became the basis for the creation of PREMIUM shower with precious stones and mineral particles, which has become a popular product not only in Japan but all over the world.

Microscopic shower head holes are especially important. The water passes through 630 angels with a diameter of just 0.28 mm. Unlike a simple shower, the Japanese-designed nozzle creates a particularly strong pressure - 50 km per hour! This is 2.5 times stronger than you experience when taking a simple shower. If you turn the head of the shower with a Japanese nozzle and point it upwards, the water and the fountain would hit a height of 9 meters! However, you will not feel any pain or discomfort when bathing under such pressure. You will only enjoy the relaxing and pleasant effect of water. The shower of precious stones and minerals is extremely soft and gentle, so you will feel it as if it were a smooth touch of silk.

Properties of minerals

Japanese producers have combined six valuable minerals found in nature:

  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Jade
  • Silicon
  • Tourmaline
  • A stone of volcanic origin

Ruby.The unique properties of this gemstone have a complex whole-strengthening effect. Ruby contains chromium. Geochemists believe that ruby ​​has a positive effect on human blood circulation.

Emerald.The Japanese believe that emeralds are able to harmonize the human body, relieve tension and stimulate thinking.

Jade.In Japanese culture, this stone has occupied a particularly important place since ancient times. It gives a person positive emotions, a sense of happiness and success.

Silicon.This mineral has a positive effect on the skin, calms the nervous system and restores balance - peace of mind.

Tourmaline.This mineral has a particularly rich composition of Na (Al, Fe, Li, Mg, Mn) M3Al (Si6O18) (BO3) 3 (OH, F) 4, aluminum and boron silicate with additives of iron, lithium, manganese. It is one of the most variegated gems on earth. The Japanese especially love this mineral because of its piezoelectric and thermoelectric properties. Scientifically, tourmaline is not a single mineral, but a group of minerals with related physical and chemical properties. It is the only crystal on Earth that has its own electric field. Tourmaline has the property of absorbing and dissipating heat upon contact with a heat source. The Japanese equate the effects of tourmaline on humans with the effects of infrared rays. It neutralizes harmful substances in the water. Tourmaline has a positive effect on the human endocrine and nervous systems.

Stone of volcanic origin.This stone is special because of its origin from volcanic rocks. It is the volcanic stone needed for other minerals to be active.


Advantages of Japanese shower PREMIUM:
• The shower with a new Japanese-designed head donates the energy of precious minerals and precious stones - the water becomes soft and clean and crystal clear.
• JEWEL shower heads with valuable minerals do not need to be replaced
• Special pressure of the JEWEL shower head thoroughly cleans the scalp and body from dirt
• Water is saturated with health-damaging negative ions
• The valuable JEWEL nozzle for water flow contains as many as 630 microscopic holes, each with a diameter of just 0.28 mm!
• Microscopic jewel holes of the shower head ( 0.28 mm ) give an unusual feeling of silky water
• The cleared water of natural materials becomes soft and silky.
• The water flow of valuable stones and mineral alloys gives the scalp and the skin of the whole body a unique pleasant sensation.
• When washed with mineral-saturated water, the hair acquires a silky gloss, while the skin affected by mineral energy shines.

If you are traveling, the shower nozzle is easy to take with you, it is easy to use, it does not take up much space. You will remove the nozzle and attach it to the shower in just a few seconds.
The manufacturer carried out the test – under a microscope increased the effect of the Japanese shower JEWEL on the scalp . A special JEWEL shower instantly cleanses the skin of the head and body from excess fat.
Due to high water pressure and extra-fine shower head holes, excess fat is removed from the skin pores instantly.
It is also important that water and electricity are saved.
The manufacturer carried out the test with a simple shower head and a Japanese JEWEL. During the same period, the Japanese shower head runs up to 35% less water than with a normal shower head. The amount of water saved depends on the individual pressure of water in residential housing.
The manufacturer calculated that on average it is possible to save up to 3.5 liters per 1 minute in Japan. In Japan, the JEWEL shower head pays off within 6 months.
Preliminary calculation of the water costs of a family of four persons:
3.5 litres/10 minutes/four people/365 days=51 100 litres
The cost of the shower head pays off on average in 9 months. 4 (four) persons for the family.