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Mineralais padengtos FEALENA grožio šukos - Beža Familia
Mineralais padengtos FEALENA grožio šukos - Beža Familia
Mineralais padengtos FEALENA grožio šukos - Beža Familia
FEALENA beauty comb - Beža Familia
FEALENA beauty comb - Beža Familia

FEALENA beauty comb

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& Properties

The effectiveness of this irreplaceable beauty measure was recognized by Japanese scientists a long time ago. From that time, these combs have become a secret of every Japanese beauty and youth that they carry simply in the handbag.

Turmerine, titanium and ferric alloy:

  • Firstal muscle
  • Raises and corrects the face's oval
  • Smoothing the skin surface
  • Remove the bribe and dark circles under the eyes
  • Positively affects the condition of hair

After long research, Japanese scientists discovered a unique beauty product made of semi-precious metals and minerals-titanium, tourmaline and iron alloy. This Japanese invention is based on ancient Eastern medicine knowledge of minerals and metal powers, acupuncture points and energy of the human organism meridians.

Ancient medicine states that by stimulating active acupuncture points of the body with metals and minerals, the muscles are rigged, so the surface of the skin is compared, the face skin is raised and its oval is adjusted. Women living in the east have long noticed that minerals and metals have a positive influence on the skin-it is reading, disappearing parburials and black ratiles under the eyes. The Japanese are using a half-precious mineral tourmaline to nurse the beauty of the hair.


For continuous movements, massage the scalp and face the skin by vertical movements along the active points 5-10 times in the morning and evening:

  • From the inner part of the eyebrow line, break the comb through the forehead, the hairy part of the head up to the neck;
  • From the outer corner of the eyebrow line, swipe through the forehead and the hairy part of the head to the neck;
  • Break the comb from the tip of the chin, through the angle of the lips along the contour of the face towards the ear, through the hairline of the head to the neck.

Turn the face skin with a softly smoothing and the hairy part of the head-harder. Massage the neck of the comb-so you will adjust your blood pressure.
Use only non-alcoholic products for the disinfection of the comb. Do not use hair formatting with fenu, protect against high temperature. We do not recommend that you use an open wound or a skin disorder.


Plastic, nylon, turmaline, iron alloy