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Placental bead mesotherapy with LA MENE apparatus-Barge Familia

Placental beadatic mesotherapy with La MENTE apparatus

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Beadatic mesotherapy is a non-invasive mesotherapy in which molecules of cosmetic products are introduced into the deepest layers of the skin. By Ion input and output, the skin is cleaned at the cellular level.

During deep ion cleansing, the skin is cleaned of toxins, dilated pores are reduced, acne is not allowed to form.

Together with ions, cosmetic means are introduced into the deep layers of the skin.

The skin affected by the Aurora apparatus absorbs cosmetics 30 times more effectively.

With the introduction of vitamin C-it is possible to effectively whiten pigment spots. The introduction of stable vitamin C reduces melanin in pigmented spots. Melanin levels do not recover even when you are in the sun.

After the procedure, the amount of collagen in the skin increases 2.5 times.

After the course of procedures, the effectiveness persists for three months.

During the procedure, three serums are used, which are selected according to the need for the skin.