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What is our customers in the most frequently asked questions - Why do I take 3 Japanese products when traveling with you?


Everything is made only in Japanese, so the quality of the ingredients and the products are ensured.

  • Pure Essence. - Serum containing many peptides. Quick skin recovery is burned in the sun, sudden moisturizing and catering, gives the skin the glow.


  • Cream Cell Vital. - Unique formula for valuable ingredients (peptidesHydrolyzate, marine crops, oat stem cells, numerous vegetable extracts and oils) -
    Protection against harmful ultraviolet rays and sun exposure, skin immunity and microbial strengthening, braking of pigmentation, skin irrigation.



  • Drinking collagen HSC PREMIUM COLLAGEN - high concentration,
    Extremely effective thermally crude collagen from fish, which is characterized by high biological availability. In addition, there are strong antioxidants - pomegranate extract and vitamin C, as well as bee products that have antibacterial and antiviral effects and protects against infections.


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