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Japanese coral calcis


Calcium is one of the necessary minerals that support the good human health and the functioning of the body. This item is bone fabric building material. Calcium ensures proper movement and support system and muscle contraction, regulates metabolic processes.

Bones is the main source of mineral stocks when it is lacking in the blood. It is necessary to maintain a constant amount of calcium in the blood, as it ensures blood clotting and helps heal the wounds.

Proper muscle contraction is ensured by the ability of cell membranes to carry ions of electric charge. During this process, the body removes calcium from the body. Changes in calcium level, inappropriate recovery in the body cause muscle contraction pathologies. The cell membrane electricity is also ensured by the functioning of the human nervous system. Calcium ensures the transmission of signals between neurons. So is indeed important to maintain the right amount of calcium in the human body.


How To Choose Calcium Source

The speed and simplicity of calcium absorption depend on the characteristics of the human age and body. However, the source of calcium minerals is an important role that the mineral is natural or synthetic, small molecular or not, ionized or not, with other minerals or not. The selected calcium source must have the following features:

  • Easy calcium absorption in the body without additional additives;
  • Organism's pH optimization;
  • Fast Ion deficit recovery;
  • Leather, dental, hair, nail, bone tissue health support.

The value of the calcium source is expressed in the ability of the body to absorb it.


Coral Calcis

Coral Calcium joints

Corals are mineral deposits resulting from marine invertebrate animals. They are mainly absorbed by the calcium salts, so they become a quality source for the person. The coral porous structure and composition is similar to the characteristics of the human bone fabric, so they open up the prospects for preventing prophylactic purposes. Today, the industrial production of the product is carried out in Yonaguni on the island near Okinawa, Japan.

Coral minerals are not only well in the body absorbed by the body, but also other persons vital elements:

  • magnesium;
  • silicon;
  • sodium;
  • iron;
  • sulfur;
  • phosphorus;
  • manganese and others.

About 70 additional elements are charged. Therefore, the coral calcium can be used as a source of many mineral components.

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