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Japanese Shower Head Premium Jewel

Japanese Shower Head Premium Jewel


PremiumHygienic shower - an integral part of daily body care procedures. Water massage improves blood circulation, cleanses the skin, strengthens immunity, improves stabilizing heart work. However, it will give it even more if you use the traditional shower nozzle to use ionized water swimming with innovative Japanese product Jewel.

The special tip design is designed to provide water for the skin and the whole body, it is to enlighten water negative ions. Microscopic shower heads create current creates unique massage, skin peeling and conveys the feeling like the waterfall.

Shower head features

In the context of the water composition of Fuž water thermal springs, Japanese scientists have proved that this water has bright electrolytic properties. Based on these data, the Premium Class Shower Head Jewel, in order to enlighten the water in negative ions and the development of precious stone filter. You can name the properties of the Jewel Innovative Shower Head:

  • High water current force, its speed - 50 km / h;
  • The head is 630 microscopic holes, each of which is 0.28 mm;
  • 9 micron waves that help strengthen the body and strengthen immunity, radiation;
  • The filter consisting of precious stones;
  • Economy. Water costs are reduced by at least 30% with Omco's shower waterways;

It should be noted that the Jewel shower head negative ions do not allow the chlorine to penetrate our skin. Its clamp the chlorine molecule and we can avoid the negative effects of chlorine.

Filter with gemstones

Membrane with microscopic holes, high water current strength and gentle effect on the body - not the only exclusive jewel shower heads. The structure is equipped with the filter enriched with precious minerals such as:

  • Rubine - helps strengthen the immune system;
  • Nephritis - stimulates mental activities;
  • Emerald - stimulates thinking, reduces internal voltage, harmonizes the work of internal systems;
  • Silicon - stabilizes biochemical reactions;
  • Volcanic stone - the filter does not decontaminate chlorine and other harmful water from tap impurities;
  • Tourmaline is positively affecting the activities of endocrine and nervous system organs, disinfects water and saturated with infrared radiation.

The unique filter does not lose its properties over time, the effectiveness mentioned by Jewel is preserved for the entire operation period.


Ionized water effects on the body and hair.

  • Improves hair growth;
  • Improves the absorption of washing;
  • Improves the condition of the hair;
  • Cleans the body and scalp;
  • Moisturizes the skin;
  • Reduces the emergence of dandruff;
  • Improves sleep;
  • Reduces stress;
  • Massage improves the synthesis of the skin collagen, firm, increases the elasticity;
  • Reduces tension in the shoulder bar;
  • Improves lymphatak;
  • Sustain painted hair protects against drying and breakage

Shower heads Jewel Efficiency is confirmed In 2014, global associations Anti-Age the award.


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