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A true art of beautiful skin

Cream Cell Vital technology is based on molecular biology, regenerative medical discoveries and ultra-modal formula for cosmetics.

The cream is supplemented with valuable oils, extracts, vegetable stem cells. The impressive effect of the skin youth is achieved at the cellular level by regulating the biological processes of the skin.

Composition: Sea critical extract, peptides, oat kernel extract, Japanese lake stem cells, extract complex AquasPeed, Ceracute complex, gentian extract, laminaria, vitamin E, butter, grapefruit, orange oil, suswalene.

Extract of marvelous crops Contains many minerals, micronutrients, sea salt. This extract is a strong antioxidant, stimulating lipids in the structure of the skin and prevent it from losing water. Meals the skin fat, shrinking pores, removes fat shine, reduces pigmentation, compares wrinkles.

Various molecular weight peptides of their Contains biologically active components: amino acids, minerals, nucleic acids, enzymes. Reduces inflammation, deeply moisturizes the skin, activates the regeneration processes, ensures the firmness of the skin, compares wrinkles, preventively protects against skin aging.

Lake stem cells (extract) Contains a lot of materials required for the skin to renew. Its "subtly align" cell metabolism: adjust the pathological deviations that are aging for the skin, restoring mitochondrial dynamics, protects against oxidative stress, stimulates fibroblast and other skin cells, helps to produce collagen, improves tissue renewal.

Oat extract - Strong antioxidant, stimulates cellular breathing, deter moisture in the epiderm, encourages the production of skin proteins, compares the skin.

Extract complex Aquaspeed - The optimal combination of vegetable extracts - ambus, lenses, apple juice. Increases the amount of the moisturizing components of the skin, detain moisture in the epiderm, smoothes wrinkles.

Component Ceracute. The invisible polymer network on the surface of the skin, promotes the leveling of fine wrinkles and prevents the emergence of new ones.

Laminaries extract Contains phosphatidilserin that is included in the composition of the membranes, has a moisturizing, reproducible effect.

Tocopherol Protects the skin from drying, improving color and renewal.

Butter oil - Olein, stearin and palmitic acid complex, protects the skin from strong frosts, wind and solar radiation. Humbs in cuts and scratches, relieves inflammation and allergic reactions.

Gentian root extract lightens the skin due to its ability to prevent melanocytics to produce tyrosine enzyme.

Cream Cell Vital - Intensive maintenance, extending the life cycle of the skin cell and youth. Moisturizing the skin, fills it with strength and vital energy.

Regularly using cream Cell Vital. Reducing genetic instability, which is characterized by adult human skin, restores impaired cell communication, improves the potential of skin cell renewal and microcirculation.

Cell Vitall. Deeply moisturizes, tightens, tones and softens the skin. Removes the gear, pigmentation, harmonize the color of the skin and the surface, relieves inflammation, compares the wrinkles, accelerating healing.

Extend youth of your skin!

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