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What is the purpose of preventive medicine?

What is the purpose of preventive medicine?

Prevent age diseases - global trend, growing Natopathic

The popularity of measures, medical reecology. It became clear that it is impossible to health with synthetic preparations that have filled our lives in the 20th century when the conveyor production has evolved.

Integral, Preventive and Aging Slowing Medicine - Today the most promising and progressive health management model, the basis of which consists of active prophylaxis, improvement of quality of life and ensuring active longevity.

Widely used in the prevention of aging 21st century medical concept - 5p.

  • Predictive. (predicated) - predictive, allowing forecasting diseases based on the individual genome and the characteristics of the Constitution.
  • Preventive. (Preventive) - Promote prevention, preventing the ability of the disease.
  • Personaled. (Personalized) - to treat each patient individually.
  • Participate (particist) - active cooperation between doctors, various professionals and patients in order to adopt a strategy for prevention, monitoring and rehabilitation.
  • Positive. (positive) - Positively affect treatment.

Examples of methodologies used in slowing down the aging:

Detoxification - Currently, the basis of any aging program. Various toxins that work in a modern man almost every second, very disastrous affect life and activities. There are dozens, if not hundreds of different ways to get rid of toxins accumulated in the body: drainage procedures, special nutrition regimes, use of pharmaceutical and natural preparations, etc.

Diet - The nutritional system prepared on the basis of genetic diagnostic data provides the opportunity to normalize the weight and prevent unwanted states whose catalysts are one or other food group.

Antioxidants - reducing the activity of the free radical processes, the fight against oxidative stress.

Biologically active food supplements - The use of quality biologically active food supplements reduces the risk of developing multiple and hereditary and acquired diseases, as the amount of vitamins, minerals and other active substances balanced in the body.

Psychohigiena. - measures to preserve mental health.

Physical activity - Sports, Walking, Swimming, Yoga.

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