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Natural Peptide Mask - Biologically Active Peptide Face Mask, 1 Pc - Beža Familia

Natural Peptide Mak, 1pcs-With Placenta Extract

Pagaminta Japonijoje
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& Properties

A placental mask with placenta

Peptide mask is a non-woven sheet, which has been cured by an elicsyru from the placenta extract and a patented special purifying and melanin-inhibited complexion.

It helps to recover quickly and effectively to the stress-affected, debilised and flulled skin. The luxurious active ingredients complex helps to remove traces of fatigue, characterized by strong numerical and sine effects, filling the skin with moisture. The strong influence of the components (the growth factors of the pig ' s placenta extract) protects against adverse environmental effects. Suppresses the red, swollen, and scaring the sherpetry. This preparation is a great care tool for any type of skin.

Highly active ingredients (placenta extract, ascorbyl glycoside, fermented dried plum hydrolysate) and a new purifying mechanism for long-time moisturizing the skin and quickly restate the DNA damage. Creates a sense of freshness and comfort, reading the skin of the face.  The mask completely restorate the elasticity and rigidity of the skin, provides energy, suppresses stress. This product helps to remove toxins from the skin, and it helps to eliminate the accumulation of fluids and reduce the risk of swelling. The impact of the mask will be stronger if you keep it safe in a cool place (especially in the summer). After the first time, the skin becomes soft and velvety and fragrant rose leaves.


Tear down the pack and remove the mask. Put it on your face and press hard. Leave 10-20 minutes. Then take off and let the serum residue be absorbed. If necessary, apply the furskin to the skin type without cleaning the mask. To strengthen the impact of the mask before wearing a mask, apply the Jukekhbi's net essence.


The placenta extract (proteins), ascorbyl glycoside, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, fermented dried plum hydrolysate, white sow, baldapakne, pear branch extracts, citric acid.