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Geriamas Kolagenas - Beza Familia
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Premium Collagen, N5

Beža Familia
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LONG-AWAITED - Beauty drink from Japan

HSC Premium Collagen is a thermally untreated "live" collagen made in Japan. Each portion of 10 mg of marine collagen, n-acetyl-d-neuraminic acid, bee milk extract, propole extract, granade extract, vitamin C.

Only in the "living" Kolagen Collagen can find all types of collagen! This is a unique formula that has no analogues in the Japanese market.

Impact of Collagen on the body:

  • Unique formula- The optimum combination of components for maximum efficiency and multifunctional operation.
  • Ingredients of maritime origin and natural ingredients of natural origin
  • Mined weightEnsures fast, lightweight and full absorption components
  • Liquid form- It is very easily digested and easily absorbed, does not cause severity and feeling of stomach overcrowding. The use of this product is caused by good emotions.
  • Simple use -The single dose is 20 ml - 1 vial - daily recommended in the evening.
  • Nice taste

Premium Collagen HSC.


5 bottles of 20 ml

Ingredients: collagen (from fish), Water, honey, grenade juice, acidity regulator: citric acid, N-acetyl-d-neuraminic acid, l Ascorbic acid, bee milk extract, flavorings, propolis extract.

1 The vial includes:

RMV *,%


10,000 mg (10 g)


N-acetyl-d-neuramic acid

100 mg


Bee milk extract

100 mg


Propolate extract

10 mg


Vitamin C.

100 mg

125 %

RMV * - Reference nutritional value