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AB-VC Vitamin C Extract with Tourmaline, 30 ml - Beja Familia

AB-VC Concentrate

20% nuolaida perkant HEALING GEL, nuolaidos kodas SERUMAS
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Vitamin C and tourmaline water serum.

Vitamin C dissolved in tourmaline water removes active oxygen, promotes collagen production in the skin. The effects of vitamin C are enhanced by rare plant extracts that restore the skin's immunity.

Concentrated serum awakens any type of skin, fills it with vital energy, activates cell metabolism, effectively lightens the skin and slows down the aging process.

Just one movement and "drops of beauty" envelop the skin with a refreshing veil, giving it radiance and returning a feeling of perfect comfort. By penetrating deeply into the skin, the product restores it at the cellular level, regulates the skin's natural balance, and helps restore beauty and youthful chastity. The perfect remedy for all skin types affected by fatigue and prone to aging prematurely.

The tool is used to prevent photoaging and genetic aging of the body. To reduce couperosis, fight hyperpigmentation, acne, acne scars and acne. The product contains 5% water-soluble vitamin C.