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THALASSO SERUM, 30pcs - hair growth - Beža Familia
THALASSO SERUM, 30pcs - hair growth - Beža Familia
THALASSO SERUM, 30pcs - hair growth - Beža Familia

Thalasso serum, 30pcs. - for hair growth

Pagaminta Japonijoje
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Thalasso serum with Japanese seaweed, maximally stimulating hair growth.

Dermatologists and trihologists from Hokkaido University in Japan have developed a unique tonic to nourish the scalp and hair with Thalasso Serum.

The product is made from deepwater rare Kombu algae, which includes the extremely effective ingredient Fucoidam. These algae grow only in one place in the world near the island of Hokkaido.

Thalasso serum:

  • Instantly relieves irritation of the scalp, saturates with moisture, dandruff disappears
  • Hair becomes significantly stronger, the effect of "lifting" from the roots is immediately noticeable
  • Hair envelops with a lipid breathable film, gives elasticity and silky softness, tightens
  • Retains hair pigment and prolongs its longevity
  • Has antibacterial effect on the skin.
  • Improves microcirculation of the scalp
  • Maximally stops hair loss, promotes the growth of new hair
  • Already after the first time the hair acquires a healthy shine


After washing, distribute the water-based Thalasso serum on the scalp and hair. If your hair is longer (up to the shoulder girdle), then you will need two sachets per time. Hair acquires lightness, does not fatten. Do not wash.Continue to use the usual means.

Suitable for both female and male hair styling.

The package contains 30 PCs.


Extract of algae Kombu (fucoidans), sea water, licorice, chlorophyllin, vitamin E, glycerin.

Serum suitable with CABIN SUPER BROWN orCABIN SUPER BROWN MX shampoo to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.