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Japanese 24 Carat Gold Mask - Beja Familia

Japanese 24 karate GOLD MASK

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About the procedure

To learn the latest achievements in the beauty field, we are drilling into the Japanese. And we do not find out-with the innate sense of beauty, this nation is making every effort to keep the skin younger and more beautiful as long as possible.
In Japan, Umo is considered a leader in the field of medicine, manufacturing and even agrofarm science and inventions. This company is worth exceptional praise, the mat created the world ' s most powerful moisturized Gama PCR, the effect of which is 10 times stronger than hyaluronic acid.
The invention was instantly adapted in the area of beauty-a unique "Umo" gold mask was created. The procedure is special because it is specially designed for it, which is able to dissolve the gold and enter it into deeper layers of skin. Mat usually the gold particles are too coarse to get into the skin without the help of additional technology. And the effect of liquid gold in deeper layers is highly efficient-gives the skin a long-lasting glow, moisturising, rigidity, balina pigeons.

Thus, the latest developments in the field of skin care today (gamapoligamine acids (gamma PCR) + ions + ultralogical nano vapor technology) allowed the Japanese company Umo to curb the power of gold to enjoy a luxurious 100 per cent natural skin renewal procedure-24 carats gold face mask.

* The "Gama PCR" compound moisturizes 10 times more intensive than hyaluronic acid and is more elastic than collagen. It is an ideal vehicle for active substances, which can be perfectly absorbed into the skin and detach moisture. In addition, it activates the natural skin irrigation system so that the skin remains soft and supple. The PCR compound is 100% natural and free of preservatives, as it is obtained from a natto gum-soy bean meal, which is considered particularly healthy food.

* In particular, the vapours of the fine ultrasound nano vaporizer easily penetrate deep into the skin, carrying the dissolved Gama PCR and 24 carats gold. Nano garai is 7 times smaller than water vapor from a traditional vaporizer. Nano vapor softens the epidermis layer by creating an optimal medium for moisture intake.

* The health effects of negative ions are widely known. Negative ions destroy free radicals in skin cells, balance the acidic fluid of the body tissue and improve the overall wellbeing.