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Japonų rūbeliai padengti mineralais - FEALENA liemenėlė - Beža Familia
Japonų rūbeliai padengti mineralais - FEALENA liemenėlė - Beža Familia
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Japonų rūbeliai padengti mineralais - FEALENA liemenėlė - Beža Familia
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Japonų rūbeliai padengti mineralais - FEALENA liemenėlė - Beža Familia

FEALENA Japanese Bra

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The Japanese are constantly amazed by the new inventions. This time, new technology leaders have created a new type of bra for women to tighten their breasts and return, worn day and night. The usual bra has become awkward for a modern active and sports woman who wants the breast to remain firm for as long as possible. The Japanese listened to the needs of women and created a bra without seams and metal hoops. The fabric of the innovative bra is saturated with biologically active minerals – turmalin, volcanic stone, titanium and women's favorite diamond powders. Minerals, crushed using high-tech and inserted into the fabric of the bra, tighten the muscles holding the chest, so it rises, takes on more stringent forms, increases its volume.

The Japanese call turmalin an electric stone, which is able to emit infrared radiation in contact with the body. Turmalin powder also has an ionization effect. The Japanese greatly appreciate the effects of turmaline and use it in the field of beauty and health. Turmalin powder is enriched with other minerals and metals to enhance the effect and give the product durability. Japanese clothing mineral applications are able to withstand reusable washings. Timpose minerals are more than present in other garments – up to 20 g.

  • The ability of minerals to emit infrared radiation improves blood circulation, lymphotic;
  • Infrared rays with negative ions give a strong "lifting" effect;
  • The effect of mineral ionization positively vectors the polarization of the cell, i.e. prevents the accumulation of toxins, and reduces the possibility of forming fat cells;
  • Infrared rays have the property of reducing the tension of the back and shoulder strap;
  • Minerals have a positive effect on the surface of the skin – a mild peeling effect is felt. The skin of the chest becomes firm and smooth;
  • Minerals have a positive effect on biologically active points.

Japanese advise:

  • The shape of a woman's chest depends on the firmness of the muscles, which hold the breasts. Thus, the bra for this purpose is covered with biologically active minerals and metals. Minerals improve the tone of the chest and back muscles, and reduce tension in the shoulder band.
  • Fealena helped create the Japanese Acupuncture and Maxibussian Association President Mitčinigo Matsunaga.

The Japanese recommend:

  • The Mineral-saturated Japanese bra Fealena can be worn after the japanese-designed Harimotto breast cream is massaged. Its effect is intensified due to the effect of minerals in the bra on the breast.

More information:


Size M:79-87 cm;
Size L:86-94 cm;