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DX Mask-ultra-luxurious face mask peptides and aminorpates, with 22 ml., 1 pcs-Barge Familia
DX Mask-ultra-luxurious face mask peptides and aminorpates, with 22 ml., 1 pcs-Barge Familia
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DX, 22ml - placenta sheet

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A true elixir of energy and youth with an extremely high concentration of placental extract

A sheet of non-woven material dipped in a special therapeutic-capable serum is ready to be used. Even 22 ml of placenta extract!

This remedy is a "drop of life" for the skin of any type and condition. The mask is an excellent "ambulance" for use in any season: soothes sensitive skin, revitalizes tired and run-out skin after winter, gives "second breath" to developing, dry, moisture-deprived skin, restores sun-damaged skin.  Effectively stimulates natural regeneration processes, regulates moisture balance, smoothes wrinkles, activates the regeneration of skin cells, the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Protects DNA cells from damage, preserves their vitality, prevents the development of melanoma, gives excellent results in bleaching the skin.  Due to the high concentration of the placenta, the remedy promotes the healing of small cracks in the skin, preventing the formation of scars. This mask is a means of extremely intense effect. An impeccable and irreplaceable means to help the skin recover from chemical peeling procedures, plastic surgeries and any invasive procedures (laser, RF, etc.). The firming, wrinkle-comparing and moisturizing effect of the mask is visible already after the first time and persists for up to 10 hours.

The effect of the mask will be stronger (especially in the summer) if you keep it in the refrigerator. Regular (2-3 times a week for 2 months) when using the mask, extremely sustainable and obvious changes in the condition of the skin are visible: it becomes firmer, more elastic, wrinkles are smoothed, the color of the face becomes evenly smooth.


Wash your face in two stages and put on a mask. Hold for 15-30 minutes. Apply "Jukohbi" tonic with placenta or cream with placenta HEALING GEL / MOISTURE CREAM on the face after the mask. The mask is recommended to be used once or twice a week. You will achieve the maximum effect by using a mask after bathroom procedures. The mask is designed for one time. For special sensations, it is advisable to keep it briefly in the refrigerator before placing the mask in the summer. The mask is made of high-quality non-woa cotton, so it adapts to the skin of the face to the maximum and distributes the active substances exactly where they are most needed.