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Diamond Titanium
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An effective tool in the fight against cellulite. During the treatment of cellulite, it is necessary to act on the deeper layers of the skin by restoring the damaged cellular structure and alkalinisation of the intercellular media. Cellulite disease is often accompanied by damaged blood flow and varicose veins. Dilated capillaries do not tolerate high temperature and aggressive ingredients. It then becomes extremely difficult to deal with the problem of cellulite. It is in such cases that Japanese clothing is the most suitable means of reducing cellulite. If you seek to get rid of cellulite – it is necessary to activate blood circulation and metabolism, to accelerate the transportation of minerals to the most problematic areas of the body. According to the Japanese, metals and minerals emit barely a perceptible vibration, which is sensitive to the membrane of the fatty cell. By wearing modeling clothes with metals and minerals for a long time, the fatty cell membrane becomes unstable and loses part of the fluid accumulated in it. It is in this way that the volume of the body decreases and compares the skin affected by cellulite. Metals and minerals have the ability to firm muscles. The effect of titanium is equated with the effects of infrared radiation. Infrared rays and negative ions improve blood circulation and lymphotic, tighten muscles. Minerals positively affect the whole body, leading to increasing working capacity, disappearing fatigue and tension, extraordinary lightness is felt throughout the body. Rejuvenation of the skin of the body. The diamond powder contained in the modeling garments, during wear, performs a gentle peeling, smoothing and smoothing of the skin surface, which helps the active ingredients to act on the areas affected by cellulite. Titanium powder has a heat-bearing thermal effect, improves the absorption of other active substances, protects against UV rays and acts antistaticly.

A special mixture of minerals, metals and plant extracts smoothes and tightens the skin of the body, reducing fatty tissue. Other active ingredients in timpose include capsaicin (chili pepper extract) and grapefruit extract, fermented collagen, silk proteins – restores cellular damaged cellular structure, removes toxins. It is especially pleasing that timps do not do additional compression. Due to the raised torso of the slings, the firming effect is felt in the abdomen and back area. Timps, formed with the help of a laser, do not have stitches, so they are especially pleasant to wear both women seeking to improve blood circulation and reduce volume, and pregnant moms, sparing the body from stretch marks and unnecessary kilograms. Maximum comfort for pregnant moms – slings with corset wraps and holds the abdominal area.