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Refund policy

Terms of return

The "Bža" procedure is established on the basis of Directive 97 /7/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts, Article 6.366 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania. "Sale of items by contract concluded by means of means of communication", Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania, 2001 17 August Order No 258 approved rules on the sale of services and the provision of services where the contracts are concluded by means of means of communication. '.

On the basis of the above documents, the Customer has the right to return, within 14 working days after the transfer date, the quality product (s) purchased by the online store "Bža" and to recover the money paid for it or to replace the product (s) in other analogous products.

The replacement or return of goods shall comply with the following requirements:

  • The goods shall not be damaged, the product itself may not be damaged or used;
  • The product must be presented in the original packaging of the manufacturer and not lost in sales appearance;
  • The product must remain with all the manufacturer's labels;

On the basis of the above documents, the lower tricotage is not modified or returned.

Return travel:

  • The item is to be changed or returned to be delivered at Sports g. 8, Vilnius. To be sent by courier, post or by delivery to the address given by the office during the opening hours.
  • The returned goods must be accompanied by the "Request for Change or Return" and the purchase at the shop "Bža" proving the document (VAT invoice or the Cash Account for Cash).
  • The "Bža" administrator has received a replacement or refund within 10 working days to inform the client whether the product has met the criteria for changing/returning. If the goods are interchangeable, the "Bža" administrator undertakes to change the item or to return the money paid for it.
  • In cases where the goods are replaced, "Bža" undertakes to change the replacement product to any other item (s) whose value does not exceed the value of the goods being replaced. If there is a price difference at the time of exchange, the Customer must pay the price difference. The price difference is paid by transfer to the bank account shown on the Barge bank account. The buyer can change the product, which is currently available for sale at the Bža online store range.
  • The cost of transporting/shipping of goods to be modified or returned shall be borne by the Customer.

The Customer declares e-money to return the product. by post: info@beza.lt, Sending completed and signed scan 'Return form' (which may be printed) SHE) or by sending a registered shipment together.

If the customer has taken the opportunity to take back the product "Bža" in the cabin, he can deliver the returned item to the salon, during the opening hours of the cabin. In all cases, the customer shall be responsible for the reduction of the value of the goods resulting from the action not necessary to determine the characteristics and quality of the goods.

After a return on 14 d.d. back to your account, the money will be returned.


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