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Cell Vital Deep Lotion - resusturable facial lotion with peptides, 120 ml - Beža Familia

Cell Vital Deep Lotion, 120 ml

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 & Properties

After testing the underlying causes of skin problems, JUKOHBI has developed a lotion fighting against premature aging.  This product is designed based on a specific formula: choice of concentration of active ingredients, combinations of active ingredients and sequence of inclusion. The components are ideal for the skin, quickly penetrates and effectively support their functions: helping to combat skin aging, increases skin density and elasticity, removes reactive oxygen forms, restates DNA chains, protects against UV rays, nouraging the skin cells in moisture, providing long-term water retention in cells.

The main components are:

  • Cerebskins are animal-based ceramides which are very close to human interclastical lipids. They are suing the cell called a layer and are characterized by strong skin hydration.
  • The placenta extract not only stimulates the work of fibroblasts, but also increases their degradation. It has an anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory effect, removes toxins and strongly affects cells.
  • Damascus rose hydrolysate has a very high amount of vitamin E and C, increases the number of estrogen receptors, which is decreasing along with age.  It has a strong moisturizing effect.


Extract placenta (proteins), umbilical cord (umbilical cord proteins), marine cremma, damask rose hydrolyzate, chamomile flowers, aloe vera, licorice, Arnica, horsetail, sage, mallow, calendula, allantoin, cerebroside.

It does not contain colorants, flavourings, mineral oils, alcohol, parabens-the product is completely safe, consisting of natural ingredients that reduce skin irritation.


On the clean face skin distribute a small amount of lotion (including in the eye area), neck, decolte. In order to have a better penetration, you can carry a light massage.