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Y O K U B A R I Mascara, 8g-eyelashes mascara-Beža Familia

Y O K U B A R I Mascara, 8g - mascara

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YOKUBARI rejuvenating mascara with stem apple blossom cells – your gaze will become as intoxicating as a ring of saxophone!

For the first time, this product is not only a decorative make-up tool, but also a comprehensive wide-ranging rejuvenation complex for eyelashes.

The Japanese have always appreciated the beauty of a woman's gaze! YOKUBARI mascara contains 51 biologically active ingredients. This mascara was created with a strong preventive effect, nurturing eyelashes from the roots to the tips.

YOKUBARI - the effect of the rejuvenating eyelashes:

For the first time, mascara contains 7 extremely strong moisturizing ingredients: 3 types of collagen, 3 types of hyaluronic, argireline, obels blossom stem cells, EGF, oligopeptide 12, hexapeptide 3 - promotes the growth of eyelashes, thickens, prolongs, moisturizes. Ionized platinum and gold – freeze eyelash damage, they become durable and dense. Royal jelly extract – stimulates and enhances the growth of eyelashes.

YOKUBARI eyelash mascara decorative effect:

Hydrolysed silk, nano - keratin, sericine are lightweight polymers of plant origin, which elegantly increase the volume of eyelashes, prolong, and compact and separate each eyelash.

Microscopicly thin bristles of extremely rare polymers of 3 species (3D system) evenly covers and gives a 3D eyelash volume effect.

Extracts of herbs and oils protects eyelashes and makes it easier to clean your make-up. Mascara is moisture resistant, dumb and perfectly preserved 24 h.

How to wipe yokubari mascara:

Easy to wash off with warm water. Pleasant aroma. The special tip of the Widelash brush helps to reach even the thinnest eyelashes in the corners of the eyes, thus staining each eyelash.


Water, beeswax, hydrolysed keratin, 3 species collagen, 3 species hyaluronic, sericine, hydrolysed silk, platinum, gold, royal jelly extract, hydrolysed elastin, seaweed, watermelon, extracts of lens, pomegranate, red clover, alava, chlorella, shred of pouher, picnogenol, oligopeptide 12, EGF, tripeplid 3, hexapeptide 3, argipinelin, hexapeptide 10, obels bud stem cell cultures, argan, rhododendox extracts, etc.

Capacity: 8 g