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Reviage Revitalizing Nano Cream - Cream with Stem Cells, 50 g - Beja Familia
Reviage Revitalizing Nano Cream - Cream with Stem Cells, 50 g - Beja Familia
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, REVIAGE Revitalizing Nano Cream - kremas su kamieninėmis ląstelėmis, 50 g Beža Familia
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, REVIAGE Revitalizing Nano Cream - kremas su kamieninėmis ląstelėmis, 50 g Beža Familia

Revitalizing Nano Cream-Cream with Stem Cells

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Revision is the most advanced technology in the world of beauty! The result of recent research and the work of scientists of Japanese cosmetics.

The cream has a very pleasant and gentle texture and contains 48 very active ingredients, carefully selected from all over the world.

Revision - it is a seamless Beauty system designed to restore your skin. The cream stimulates regeneration and processes of Cell Metabolism, restores normal metabolism between cells, slows down biologically unavoidable, age-related processes. The skin becomes younger, beautiful, radiant, elastic, moistened. Normal activity of all processes occurring in the skin is restored.

This cream is suitable for all stages of skin care: both treatment and restoration, and moisturizing, nourishing, regenerating, stretching the skin. Effectively reduces wrinkles, pigment spots, the skin becomes soft, silky, radiant and healthy. Also, the cream can be used when the skin needs very intensive care, since it contains a very rare and expensive component - Pueria mirifica, which contains 120 times more phytoestrogens than in soybean extract.  Using product 2 for weeks, many problems with aging disappear.  Improves the processes of cell metabolism, skin texture.

Revision-a work of the beauty industry, which amazes with its composition:

  • Pueraria mirifica (estrogen substitute, stops skin aging, restores vital skin functions);
  • Fulleran 15 % (this is the largest filler for wrinkle depths, which is also called filer);
  • Pycnogenol (obtained only from the bark of pine trees growing in southwestern France, used as a vegetable substitute for estrogens, has strong anti-oxidative properties);
  • Oligopeptide 13 (has strong protective functions, protects the pH balance of the skin);
  • Argirelin 15 % (Wrinkle Filler);
  • Ionized platinum and gold (antioxidants, regenerate, prevent the accumulation and appearance of melanin);
  • Deep osmotic ocean water (the composition of minerals corresponds to the composition of our body, helps to assimilate all ingredients);

That's what real care for your skin means. Cells are strengthened and filled with vital energy. It is an ideal and indispensable tool for restoring all types and condition of skin.


Apply on clean face, neck and décolleté with gentle movements in the morning and evening until the product is completely absorbed into the skin. Can be used both in winter and in summer.


2-heksandiolis, kaprililglikolis, askorbilpropil-hialuronatas, tocopherol acetate, kaprililo dipeptidas-17, koenochloris signiensis extract, perfluoroperhidrofenantrenas, perfluorodekalinas, oligopeptidas-34, suizendinori polysaccharide, a Fluoroheksanas, perfluorodimetilcikloheksanas, sorbic acid K, acetilhialurono acid Na, hot spring water, maltodextrin, keramidas NG, keramido NP, keramido AP, pearl root extract, porfiridium cruentum extract, acetilheksapeptidas-8 , Dipalmitoilo hidroksiprolinas, millet seed extract, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, peony root extract, pienžiedžio bark extract, aloe vera ferrokso leaf extract, French cabbage bark extract, platinum, Larene, Panax ginseng root extract, water-soluble proteoglikanas, tannic acid, Pueraria Mirifica root extract, human oligopeptidas-1, human oligopeptidas-13, grapefruit peel oil, polysorbate 60, polysorbate 80, poligliceril-10 pentastearate, stearyl. Well, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, xanthan gum, PVP, polyquaternium-51, pullulan, α-arbutin, Clara extract, ascorbyl palmitate 3na, placenta extract, rosehip extract, bitumen extract, gold, dipeptide diaminobutyrlobenzylamide. , Sodium hyaluronate, water-soluble collagen, succinoyl atelocogen, phytosingosin, BG, glycosyltrehalose, hydrolyzed hydrogenated starch, water content hyaluronic acid, phenoxyethanol.