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Pro & Pro Supersolution, 300ml - Shampoo - Beža Familia

Pro & Pro Supersolution, 300ml - Shampoo

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Recommended: weak, thin, dry and damaged hair.

Thanks to the corals, plant extracts, vitamin E and oils contained in the composition, natural contamination and various chemical components are better removed, inactivates chlorine, improves the condition of the scalp, restores and smoothes the hair, gives them shine and volume.


Apply the entire length of wet hair, in a circular motion slightly massaging the scalp, then rinse with plenty of water.


Water, sodium sulfonate olefin S14-16, kokamd DEA, cocaside, sodium methyl cocosylate, cocoysarcosine (surfactant), co-infusedpropylbetain, sodium chloride, Oleś 10-phosphate, cocoamphoacetate sodium, cocoamphoacetate (surfactant), glycerol, phenoxyethanol, polycamynium 10, citric acid, alcohol, stearate, methylbenparade, Hydroxypropyltrimonium hydrolysed keratin, cocoyl alaninate (PAB), squalane, poligliceril 10, hematin, poligliceril-4 stearate, coral powder, DNA potassium, vitamin E, vitamin B6, kokokoat (PAB) phytosteril / Benen / octyldodecyl lauroilo gutamat, carnival first vitamin A, soy oil, Lithospermum extract, carrot extract, beta-carotene.