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Placental facial peeling 5G – 30%

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Placental therapy in medicine has been applied since the time of Hippocrates. In cosmetology, the placenta has been in use since the 60's. In eastern medicine, this extract is considered an elixir returning to youth. Today, in nature, placenta extract has no analogues. In its composition it contains more than 100 trace elements, enzymes, amino acids and vitamins. Due to its composition, the placenta has a unique property for restoring and rejuvenating the skin.

Placental scrub is tantamount to the art of ikebana. This procedure is called the basis for aesthetic cosmetology.

Placenta scrub is a mixture of amino acids and placenta extract. With the help of modern technology, the placental scrub is applied to rejuvenate the skin, destroy fine wrinkles and reduce the depth of visible wrinkles. Scrubbing is carried out with acids of different strengths (from 10% to 70%).

Placental peeling is a first aid in the presence of a long-standing acne problem, comparing scars under the acne, destroying enlarged capillaries, skin viruses, pigment spots.