geriamas kolagenas, Beža Familia
skystas japoniskas geriamas kolagenas beza familia
Japoniškas kolagenas, Beža Familia
Skystas geriamas kolagenas, Beza Familia
HSC premium collagen, Beža Familia
HSC premium kolagenas, beza familia
Geriamas kolagenas, beza familia
Kolagenas HSC Premium Collagen, N15 dėžutėje Beža Familia

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Vendor : Soware International Co.Ltd.

Product Type : Papildai

SKU : 1118E

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DESCRIPTION LONG-AWAITED - Beauty drink from Japan HSC premium collagen is a thermally untreated" live " collagen produced in Japan. Each serving contains 10 mg of collagen of marine origin,...
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