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Le lumis light set for hair and scalp

Le lumis light set for hair and scalp

Le Lumiss
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The set includes: Le Lumis Tools -

Daily cleaning foam + soft exposure cleaning shampoo + moisturizing gentle mask / air conditioner + spray balancing essence + extremely luxurious hair serum

Le lumis.Born as a hair care brand that
The goal is to restore and improve the hair structure from the inside to keep the hair healthy.

The odor of the exclusive le lumis products has developed a famous French parfumer Frederic Bourtin with extensive experience in creating the highest quality perfume. The bouquet of odors called "Fruit Gaivin" consists of 8 notes, including bergamot, lemon and green apple. First, you will feel the refreshing citrus notes, then the smell will move to the flower-fruit palette and end in the soothing wood-musk smell.

Le Lumis Products used in cleaning materials of plant origin of the active ingredients derived from coconut. Gently cleanses the hair and scalp. The thorough removal of dirt and the effect of the revitalizing contributes to full hair and head catering.

There are no additives in Le Lumis products. The main ingredients are glutamic acid (amino acid), which are in various algae and fatty acids obtained from coconut oil. Gently cleans and washed dirt from hair and scalp.

Le Lumis Product Ingredients take care of the scalp. By adjusting the skin cell formation and metabolic functions, the active ingredients provide a healthy skin environment for beautiful hair growth.

  • EGF factor - promotes the growth and normalization of cells;
  • Narsgen®- may activate human skin epidermal cells and promote the production of well-known antioxidant glutathione.
  • Fuleren - removes oxygen metabolic products;
  • 9 Plant extracts - protect and maintain healthy scalp.

The group of scientists who discovered fulerene, as well as Stanley Cohen, with an epidermal growth factor, received the Nobel Prize for its achievements.

All of these are ingredients that normalize the barrier skin function, which causes effects as moisturizing. "Narsgen® is an epoch skin care cosmetic material that has never been. These Japanese hair makers have integrated the complex of these unique ingredients.

Narsgen®- anti aging ingredient patented formula created at Kyoto University, Japan.