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La Mente, Aurora Lift-Up Gel, 150ml - Firming Gel Facial Massage - Beža Familia

La Mente, Aurora Lift-up Gel, 150ml-firming gel for Face Massage

La Mente
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Firming gel for massage with ultrasound.

Aurora Lift up gel - preparation specially designed for the procedure of massage ultrasound. It contains biologically active substances with a strong rejuvenating effect. The gel intensively moisturizes, promotes regeneration processes, noticeably tightens the skin. Active substance (s) Aurora Lift up gelthe substances complement and enhance the effect of ultrasound, which helps them penetrate deeper into the skin.


The rejuvenating gel is used with the Aurora Ceutical G7+ apparatus for the procedure of ultrasonic massage. The gel is suitable for all skin types.


Placenta extract, collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, algae extract.