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Feaealena Support Corset-Belt - Beja Familia
Japonų rūbeliai padengti mineralais - FEALENA palaikomasis korsetas - diržas - Beža Familia
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Japonų rūbeliai padengti mineralais - FEALENA palaikomasis korsetas - diržas - Beža Familia

FEALENA supporting corset-belt

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Due to constant tension, fast pace of life and daily worries, we often forget to take care of our health. Japanese manufacturer Nippon Medoc offers the latest product corset-belt with minerals. Nippon Medoc has been offering high quality handmade products with minerals to the inner Japanese market for 10 years.

More information:

Corset-belt perfectly suitable for problems with the spine.

Mineral properties

The Japanese call tourmaline an electric stone, which in contact with the body is able to emit infrared rays. Tourmaline powder also has an ionization effect. The Japanese highly appreciate the effect of tourmaline and use it in the field of beauty and health. Tourmaline powder is enriched with other minerals and metals to enhance the effect and give the product durability. The mineral application of Japanese clothes is able to withstand repeated washing.

The Japanese believe that Tourmaline promotes blood circulation, strengthens the tone of the muscles of the back and abdomen. Infrared radiation emitted by minerals can reduce pain in the back and shoulder girdle.


Corset-belt is created on the basis of activation of the body's acupuncture points and meridians. The Japanese take special care of their health. Belt with minerals and metals Nippon Medoc company offers to wear both for active sports, and when sitting at the wheel of a computer or car. The health corset-belt is considered the latest breakthrough in technology, biophysics and Eastern medicine.

The spine not only holds all the weight of our body, but also affects the general condition of the body. According to statistics, 70-80% of all patients who go to the doctor complain of back pain. Most often, we suffer from severe back pain and suppress it with painkillers.

A special combination of minerals and metals can stimulate muscle work, relieve tension at the back, spine and intervertebral level. The stiffened back muscles evenly distribute the body weight that falls on the spine.

Japanese manufacturer Nippon Medco belt offers to apply as a preventive measure against spinal deformities, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, hernia, intervertebral inflammations.

Meridians and internal organs

The Japanese claim that in the spine there are many biologically active points that improve the activity of internal organs, raise working capacity. Infrared rays emitted by minerals positively affect the biologically active points of the spine. Thus, products with minerals can be both a preventive measure and a means of strengthening health.


Tourmaline, titanium, aluminum, silicon, special fabric with infrared effect