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FEALENA Socks - Beža Familia


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According to the theory of ancient Japanese non-traditional medicine, more than 60 active points and zones are laid out on our feet. Not for nothing eastern medicine pays much attention to analysing the active points of the feet, because it is these points that correspond to all human internal organs. By stimulating them, the function of the whole body improves. Soft, comfortable and perfectly fit-and-white kojinaites for therapeutic purposes were created by Japanese acupuncture specialist Michiko Matsunaga. Socks were designed for physiotherapeutic purposes for the prevention of flat footing and designed for athletes to wear after injuries, faster healing. Japanese producer Nippon Medoc has been producing kojinaites with semi-precious metals and minerals for 10 years.

Socks are presented in black, one universal size.

More information:

Mineral properties

The Japanese call turmalin an electric stone, which is able to emit infrared radiation in contact with the body. Turmalin powder also has an ionization effect. The Japanese greatly appreciate the effects of turmaline and use it in the field of beauty and health. Turmalin powder is enriched with other minerals and metals to enhance the effect and give the product durability. Japanese clothing mineral applications are able to withstand reusable washings. Timpose minerals are more than present in other garments – up to 20 g.

  • Turmalin powder enriched with other minerals and metals promotes blood circulation in the foot area. This is especially true for those with cold feet in a cool period of the year;
  • Mineral-emitted infrared rays reduce pain in the foot and ankle;
  • The effect of minerals strengthens the muscles of the foot and ankle. This is especially important for women wearing high heels and with full-fledic.



Infrared radiation from minerals has a positive effect on blood circulation and biologically active points in the foot. Therefore, we suggest that Japanese kojinaites be worn for women working in stand-alone work, often wearing high heels, having "cold" feet, for full-fledic.

The appropriate foot shelter allows to avoid such side effects:

  • Fluid accumulation and swelling in the area of the knee and ankle;
  • Leg and ankle fatigue and pain;
  • Tendon sprain;
  • Flat feet;
  • The formation of the foot and the formation of a dice near the big toe of the foot;
  • "Cold feet" syndrome.

Ways we can take care of our footsteps:

Correct shoes, massages with wooden beads, mat with metal studs, walking barefoot in nature, foot bath spa cleanse, suitable socks.


In order to last long hours, it is recommended to wash and drill it by hand, with neutral washing machines in water up to +30 degrees Celsius, dried in a natural way, avoiding direct sunlight and heat, not comparing or using softeners.


Polyester, tourmaline, aluminium, silicon, iron alloy, volcanic stone