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Imperial Youthful Germanium Stick - Beja Familia
Imperial Youthful Germanium Stick - Beja Familia

Imperial rejuvenating germanium wand

Pagaminta Japonijoje
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The last fashion scream in the Japanese beauty industry! Healthy and radiant skin is every woman's dream.

The effect of Germanium was discovered by Dr SABURO ISHIGURO, a Japanese doctor of sciences. The scientist received the award for proof of germanium exposure by the Science and Technology Agency and the Japan Industry Association. Germanium is a rarely detected trace element in the earth. On the exchange, the price of germanium is such as gold. Therefore, the rejuvenating wand created by this prominent man has become an irreplaceable source of beauty, health and youth for every Japanese. Rejuvenating stick mineral germanium not only tightens the skin of the face, lifts the stained eyelids, restores the contour of the face, smoothes the surface of the skin, gives the skin a glow and health, but also strengthens the walls of the capillaries, making them less noticeable, and reducing swelling and bags around the eyes. By strengthening skin immunity, the germanium stick increases skin resistance to free radicals, stress and viruses. It's small, roughly the length of the hand and the thickness of your thumb, but it's comfortable to hold your hand and exercise, until the middle of the wand around your axis. Japanese greatly appreciate germanic due to its multifaceted effect, so massage with a germanium rod is the latest means of combating the early folds in Japan. The effectiveness of this stick was recognised by the Japanese Association of Technological Sciences. Under the influence of the skin of the germanium stick becomes radiant, firm and smooth.

Effects of Germanium

Gives the skin a soft and patempimo effect; Compare the appearance of wrinkles; Restores skin's natural contour; Reduces bags and patinimus around the eyes; Narrows išsiplėtusius capillaries and prevents the emergence of new; Rejuvenates and enriches it with the skin of oxygen; Improve blood circulation and nourishing substances absorption; Strengthens the immune system and the ability to resist free radicals; Fights with the viruses and skin diseases; Reduces headache pain and migraine; Normalize the body condition. The main thing to remember is that The effect of germanium is visible not only externally. There is also a marked improvement in his well-being. Germanium is the 32nd chemical element of the Mendeleev table with a rare rejuvenating and health-enhancing effect. Germanium not only provides oxygen to the cells of the body, promotes cell immunity, but also fights against premature aging and oncological diseases. Therefore, we can feel exceptionally beautiful every day.   One of the first researchers of the biological properties of germanium was a biochemist Stephen A.Levin, who found that the key to many useful properties of germanium is its ability to improve the supply of living tissues with oxygen. Therefore, germanium was also called "vitamin O", which has the same crystal structure as Diamond. Germanium molecules are composed of 3 particles of oxygen and one particle of germanium, so it is believed that in the blood organic germanium behaves in a similar way to hemoglobin, which is also characterized by a negative charge, and, like hemoglobin, participates in the process of transporting oxygen to the body's tissues. At the same time, the development of oxygen deficiency (hypoxia) in tissues is prevented. Germanium has the following biological properties: provides oxygen transport in body tissues; improves the permeability of nerve impulses; improves the immune status of the organism; enhances antitumor activity; relieves pain, stress, relaxes; kills viruses and bacteria. Uniqueness of germanium – the ability to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin, while saturating it with useful oxygen, neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals and active oxygen. Active oxygen often causes wrinkles, pigment spots, skin diseases, acne, dilated blood vessels or discoloration of the face. The metal called vitamin "O" by scientists restores the surface of the skin and penetrates into the deepest layers, removes from the skin active oxygen, toxins and harmful substances, while filling the cells with nutrients materials. Germanium, which is the main component of the budding wand, treats various skin diseases, suppresses headaches, normalizes the activity of internal organs, promotes healing of wounds and burns, stimulates mental activity because it is able to affect the deepest layers of the skin by saturating them with useful oxygen. Germanium helps our body to feel especially healthy by neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals and active oxygen. Active oxygen destroys cells proteins. The result of this process is visible in the mirror – it is the formation of wrinkles, pigment spots, acne, blood vessels, and swollen skin of the face.


First zone: cheeks and mouth area (about three minutes for each side); second zone: forehead and T zone (about 3 minutes); third zone: chin area (about 3 minutes); additional zones: face contour line, area around eyes and neck. Massage along the links in the picture every day for 9 minutes, 2-3 times a day, at a frequency of 120 movements per minute. Germanium wand is recommended to use after water procedures, massage will be more effective if combined you will use your usual body cream or lotion. Protect the wand from high temperatures. For a special effect, it is possible to do a massage with a chilled Rod. The main purpose of the wand is facial massage, but it is also great for massaging the whole body.


After use, wipe the rod with a damp napkin, store in a dry place.


Size: 1.8 cm * 16.3 cm
Weight: 95 g
Ingredients Germanium, aluminum alloy, titanium oxide, silicone, 9 types of ceramics.