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Food In Mask - Beža Familia
Food In Mask - Beža Familia
Food In Mask - Beža Familia
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Food In Mask

Pagaminta Japonijoje
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Eastern women are famous all over the world for being able to nurture their porcelain skin. Face masks made of rice sheets were created in Japan and after that this beauty fashion spread throughout the world.

In the east, healthy skin is inseparable from a healthy diet, so on the basis of this principle decided to create not only healthy food for the body, but also food for the skin "Food in Mask".

This innovative mask immediately became popular in the East and beyond due to its rich composition. Enriched with vegetable enzymes and fruit extracts, the mask provides the skin of the face with all the necessary vitamins A, C, E, PP, D, F, B1,B2, B12, K.

The extremely valuable ingredient of this mask MARINE PLACENTA is salmonid caviar extract, which is rich in lipids, amino acids, omega 3,6,9, vitamins, antioxidants. Salmon caviar rescues regenerated and rejuvenated skin DNA. This extract is quite rare and is used only in special beauty products.

It has not yet been discovered a mask in which all plants are collected according to the lunar calendar in order to preserve the biologically active properties of the plant. The manufacturer of the beauty mask FOOD IN MASK succeeded in conveying harmony with nature, and customers often note that the effect of the mask is indescribably pleasant not only for the skin but also for general well-being.

The east is constantly amazed by its diligence and attention to detail, which surprises the result and transmits the expected result.

Food IN MASK mask is made of non-woaful 2-5 nano micron fabric, which fits maximum to the skin, creating an additional heat source, which improves the better absorption of ingredients, blood circulation, tightens facial muscles, removes accumulated fluids.

FOOD IN MASK effects:
▪️Sease moisturizing
▪️Sease skin
▪️Enhanced skin immunity
▪️Sjumizes skin DNA
▪️Reduces excess skin
▪️Reduces accumulated fluids
▪️Reduces pigmented spots
▪️Reduces redness