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FEALENA modeling shorts - Beža Familia
FEALENA simulating shorts
FEALENA simulating shorts
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FEALENA simulating shorts

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& Properties

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The Japanese manufacturer Nippon Medoc for 10 years TOP product-simulating shorts to cover mineral applications. A mixture of tourmaline powder and other minerals is produced by the aid of nanotechnology. The Japanese have a very thorough production of minerals in the Japanese. The tissue for mineral applications shall be covered by hand only. In the meantime, the Japanese use only special products for the Japanese. The Japanese are famous for trying to create complex clothing structures in the world, so that the person can feel very comfortable. Because wearing lower clothes-comfort is all the most important! The Japanese shorts are designed to lift the buttocks, shape the rigged belly, lift the inner thigh muscles, reduce the size of the hips. The shorts are so comfortable that it's like a second skin.

The Minerals minerals have an infrared effect. Special pleasure to wear during the cold season. The design of the shorts is particularly convenient for women after childbirth. The rigid fabric and the special length of the shorts can help the club's joints to get back to their original position. Wearing shorts increases the elasticity and tone of the perineal muscles, making them more quick and smoother returning to normal sexual life after giving birth. Wearing the wearing shorts, the body's skin becomes soft and smooth, as a result of the rich natural mineral-rich, volcanic stone. The shorts are especially comfortable-the second skin is attached-it does not press and does not make it, but only pleasingly massages. Thanks to its high technology and its special composition from minerals and metals, this lingerie not only prevents the accumulation of bacteria, but also has special firmness.

In order to increase the effect, the Fealena body cream should be used. The cream can be massaged with tourmaline minerals and a semi-precious metal-coated body massage Fealena. The effects of the minerals will be even stronger in the shower after the body is given. The glare can be worn on both day and night as it is made of ultra-high quality viscose fabric.

More information:

Mineral properties

The Japanese have a tourmaline called an electrics stone, which is able to spread infrared radiation in contact with the body. The tourmaline powder also has a ionization effect. The Japanese appreciating the impact of tourmaline and uses it in the area of beauty and health. The tourmaline powder is enriched with other minerals and metals to strengthen the effect and give the product a long-lasting effect. The Japanese clothing minerals application is able to withstand multiple-use washing.

  • The ability of minerals to spread infrared radiation improves blood circulation, the lymphatual.
  • Infrared rays with negative ions provide a strong "lifting" effect;
  • The effects of minerals ionisation have a positive effect on the polarisation of the cell, i.e. it prevents the accumulation of toxins, and reduces the ability to form fat cells;
  • Infrared radiation shall have a lower back and shoulder strap tension;
  • Minerals positively affect the surface of the skin-the light of the pylling effect is felt. The chest skin becomes rigidly and smooth;
  • The minerals have a positive effect on the biologically active points;
  • The Japanese believe that the upper hand side is biologically active points to regulate the appetite. Therefore, the blouse is constructed with 2/3 sleeves to cover the upper part of the hand.


To make these shorts serve a long time, it is recommended that it be washed and drilled by hand, with neutral washing in water up to +30 degrees Celsius, dried in a natural way, avoiding direct sunlight and heat, not to compare and not use softeners.


Nylon, tourmaline, aluminium, silicon, iron, volcanic stone.