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Polopeptidine lakstine veido kauke nuo rauksliu beza familia
japoniska jauninamoji veido kauke beza familia
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DX Polypeptidic mask EGF - "Life drop" for the skin

Beža Familia
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This is a true "drop of life" for the skin, which contains extremely high concentration of polypeptides. It is rich in polypeptides, EGF (epidermal growth factors), lipids, enzymes, micro and macro ingredients, vitamin B, C, KK, P, Hialuron, Elastin.

Beauty Mask Great value - Ingredients are one of the origin, mutually agreed and close to our skin. Such serum in the form of the mask is instantly absorbed into the skin, enriches its moisture, promotes cellular renewal, the cell membrane becomes conducive in breathing, removes harmful oxygen, so shoots aging. Placenta polypeptides enriched the mask in Japan always on the "Must Have" list.

The effect of the mask is so effective that the DX polypeptide mask EGF is fascinated by Eastern cosmetologies, is gladly used after cobid massage or other procedures. The sheet of the mask is made of nonwoven material, forms a natural heat effect, improves the ingredients for better absorption. The impact of DX polypeptide EGF mask is visible instantly - face oval and leather becomes firmer, more lively, smoother, crushed pores, small wrinkles become filled with moisture, pigment spots become light.


The face washed with two-stage cleaning agents in hot compress. Then place a sheet mask to store for 10-20 minutes. Possible before use the mask in the refrigerator. Then the mask will reduce the swelling of the face or eyes. The mask in the bag remains a small amount of serum, which the face of the face in the evening or next day. After that the skin surn the face cream and a sunscreen.

Capacity:12 ML


Water, Alcohol, Placental Protein, Cellulose GUM, Methylparaben, PreptyParaben