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Bio Cellulose Face Mask, RECOVERY - Beža Familia
lakstine veido kauke jauninamoji beza familia
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Bio Cellulose Face Mask, RECOVERY

Japoniska kosmetika
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The basis of the biocellulose face mask is natural coconut water. The unique texture of the sheet mask has no analogues throughout Japan. The composition of each mask includes 25 ml of Beauty Elixir. These are professional masks for your home. Your skin will thank you!

The main three ingredients for RECOVERY

Soya isaflovan extracted from soybeans, it is a biologically active substance, unique in its structure. It is a longevity ingredient that gives the skin smoothness and soothes irritated skin.

Silver water it is a moisturizer that persists in the skin for a long time.

Aloe vera thisminerals, vitamins and polysaccharides. This is a miracle ingredient, the properties of which have been highly valued since antiquity. It relieves inflammation, heals scars, deeply moisturizes the skin. The whole composition of the ingredients gives the skin elasticity, promotes the regeneration of skin cells. After this mask, the skin will become smoother, brighter and healthier.

Nadoy: open the package, carefully remove one layer (the mask consists of 3 layers, the middle of which you leave on the skin) put on the face, only then apply the top layer. A clear moist patch will be applied to the face, which should be left for 20 minutes.

Made In Japan