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100% Hyaron Extract - Ultra Modern Moisture Extract, 35ml - Beža Familia
Jukohbi hialurono rugsties serumas beza familia
japoniska jauninamoji kosmetika beza familia

HYARONE extract, 35ml - placenta extract

20% nuolaida perkant HEALING GEL, nuolaidos kodas SERUMAS
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Hyaluronic acid is the most important ingredient in the skin. The extract restores the skin's moisture balance, provides smoothness and elasticity, regenerates the skin. An indispensable remedy for the skin.

A biologically active agent made from an extract of the porcine placenta extracted from the umbilical cord. In addition to the placental extract, this extract also contains hyaluronic acid. It is extracted as a complex of proteins - proteoglycans. Due to the fact that its natural structure remains unchanged, it has an extremely high capacity to retain water. This product has a high ability to retain and retain moisture, so it can be used on all skin types and conditions, including very dry and sensitive skin. This product effectively restores water balance, regenerates, gives the skin lost firmness and elasticity, smoothes wrinkles, replenishes the skin with trace elements and vitamins, restores the skin's protective functions, regulates cell metabolism and increases cellular respiration rate. Stimulates skin immunity, controls inflammatory reactions. Provides whitening effect, reduces melanin in the presence of skin hyperpigmentation. Helps scar fade. Hardware methodologies are recommended to deepen the penetration of the tool.