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Coco Palm, 500ml - Deep Healing Effect Conditioner (Supplement) - Beja Familia

COCO PALM, 500ml-deep healing effect conditioner (addition)

Coco Palm
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& Properties

Spa for your hair at home, atograte plant oils and extracts cheruate the hair and scalp. Deeply nourishment of the hair from roots to tip, hair gains inimitable hilliness and softness. Suitable for all hair types especially effective for dry, brittlour and damaged hair.

The conditioner contains the following:Palm oilshea butter,Olives and coconut oil, which intendfully moisturizes and protects the hair from the effects of the environment.Gardenia flower extractmoisturizes and leaves velvet softness.Keratinrestores the hair structure.Ginger root extracttoning and protecting from the formation of free radicals, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens hair roots, accelerates growth and prevents hair loss.Aloe verareduces inflammation, soothing skin. Kills bacteria and disinfects. Colds improve skin metabolism, regulate the activity of sebaceous glands.
Cocopalm product was born on the basis of legend. The secret of the geeish hair that she combed coconut palm oil in the comb to saturate her hair in oil. The geish used hair care for a much time combing as a ritual, so combed for 1 hour, which together as a head skin massage stimulates hair growth, nourish, cleans the scalp, and moisturizes.


On thoroughly rinsed hair massages evenly distribute the conditioner on the hair. Maintain for about 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. To achieve maximum effect, we recommend the use of a deep-effect cleaning gel, shampoo and spa procedure before conditioning to complete the conditioning.

The tool is suitable for all hair types.

Recommended for regular use.


Palm oil, shea butter, gardenia flower extract, keratin, baobab oil, passion fruit extract, hibiscus flower extract, ginger extract, olive oil, coconut oil, savoy extract, vitamin E.
Coco Palm contains no artificial dye, fat from parabens, animal and mineral origin.