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FEALENA Diamond Panties-Barge Familia

FEALENA Diamond panties

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Panties with diamond powder-the latest invention of Japanese scientists for the formation of shapely buttocks and abdomen.

Japan is constantly amazed by unusual discoveries, and probably only the Japanese could invent diamonds to use for the health of the body – slimming and strengthening the body. After studying the properties of this precious stone for years, Japanese scientists introduced special panties with diamond powder, which from time to time became very popular in Japan. At first glance, it is difficult to assess why exactly these unremarkable panties were so liked by the Japanese? Soft, comfortable and perfectly fitting panties – the secret of a tight tummy, a tight ass.

More information:

Diamonds bear you luck and happiness!
Tourmaline, titanium, iron alloy and volcanic stone, contained in the composition, enhance the effect of diamond powder on the body. For example, Japanese geisha have long used tourmaline, which kills bacteria and gives muscles firmness. This is confirmed by the old Japanese proverb: the key to a woman's happiness is a successful intimate life. The inventive Geisha made tourmaline liners. Tourmaline protects against female diseases, tightens the muscles of the perineum, thereby stimulating the sensitivity of the genital organs and becomes smoother intimate life.
Panties with diamond powder are made according to a special laser technology, so under the clothes will be imperceptible.

Diamond powder, tourmaline and other active minerals and metals:

  • Strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and perineum;
  • Protects against female diseases;
  • Gives the skin elasticity and tenderness.


In order for these panties to last long, it is recommended to wash them and drill them by hand, with neutral detergents in water up to +30 degrees Fahrenheit, dry them naturally, avoiding direct sunlight and Heat, do not flatten and do not use emollients. And in order for the metals and minerals in panties to be charged with positive energy, it is advisable to leave them in sunlight (avoiding direct sunlight) from time to time.


Nylon, polyurethane, diamond powder, tourmaline, aluminum, silicon, iron alloy, volcanic stone.


Size M:hips volume 87-95 (cm);
Size L:hips covered: 92-100 (cm);
Size LL:hips: 97-105 (cm);