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Grandjour Deep age Complex Moist Serum - veido kremas, 56g - Beža Familia

Grandijour Deep age Complex Moist Serum, 56g

Japoniska kosmetika
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& Properties

GRANDJOUR is a comprehensive care for the aging of the skin. It ' s the key to skin youthful, long-term skin moisturization.

The very pleasant and soft texture-serum is made up of 84 particularly active ingredients, carefully selected from all over the world.

It is a genuine elixir of youth and energy, created on the basis of extremely high concentrations of biotechnological peptides and growth factors.

For the first time in history, one product can replace even 13 other products. It can be used as: lotion, a strong moisturizing day cream, a measure to strengthen the effect of another product, a highly concentrated serum, a skin nourished and emollient cream, a means to restore PH balance, a means to lightening the skin, a skin-pating tool, a tool to protect skin barrier functions, face mask, makeup base.

GRANDJOUR The cream-serum is ideal because soothing the sensitive skin, revitalizes after a winter tired and degraded skin, restores the fledess, dry, dehydrated skin. Activates the natural processes of skin regeneration, restores normal water balance, smoothing wrinkles, stimulates skin cell renewal, collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid synthesis. Protects the DNA cells from damage, maintains their vitality, prevents the development of melanoma, lighment the skin.

This cream-serum is used when skin is needed for intensive care. An ideal and irreplaceable measure for the restoration of dry and dehydrated skin areas. During regular use of the measure, it is noted that the skin condition is rapidly changing. It becomes more elastic and more rigid, highlights face ovals, decreases wrinkles, improves skin color, and tarpular circulation becomes normal again.


Clean the complexion of the face and covered with toniku/losile, take a pearl-sized emulsion cream and brush on the whole face, neck, and decolte. Use the morning and evening.