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NAUJIENA Healing Scalp lotion atkuriamasis galvos odos losjonas - Beža Familia

NEW Healing Scalp Lotion Restorative Scalp Lotion

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It is recommended to use for prophylaxis in the presence of the following problems:
- Hair loss;
- inflammation and itching of the scalp
- dry scalp and an increase in dandruff levels
- increased sensitivity of the skin and atopic dermatitis
- thin hair
- decrease in hair volume
- loss of tightness and elasticity of hair
- loss of hair shine
- gray hair;
- frequent use of the wig;
- deterioration of the head and hair after wearing a long wig, or hair extensions
- hair and scalp lesions caused by frequent use of chemical dyes
- hair and head lesions caused by hair forming products
- stress-related damage to hair and scalp
- damage to hair and scalp caused by physical exertion during excessive sports
- damage to hair and scalp due to damage to the nervous system
- hormonal changes affecting hair and scalp

Ginshetic extract
Ginspine root, which has many valuable properties: stimulating hair growth, characterized by antioxidant, antibacterial, moisture-retaining effect, strengthening blood circulation, normalizing metabolic processes in the body, etc.

Isochrisis Galbanum Extract
Contains a new component - Isochrisis Galbana extract, which stimulates hair growth.

Carnitine hexadecanic acid (HCL)
Nourishes and strengthens hair roots, prevents hair loss.

Seaweed extract
Contains seaweed extract, which supports the formation, formation and growth of new hair.

Extract of calendula
The recipe contains an extract of calendula, which inhibits the activity of the factor that activates male sex hormones (5-alpha-reductase enzyme) - one of the causes that promote hair loss, retaining moisture, as well as protecting against hair loss.

見 Aminorugčšiai complex
Enriched with a complex of amino acids from placental extract (extracted from a horse), characterized by a very high content of active ingredients, taking into account the maintenance and strengthening of hair and scalp, which has a complex effect:
- improves blood circulation,
- stimulates the formation and growth of new blood vessels,
- stimulates cell division,
- promotes the removal of free radicals from the body,
- has an anti-inflammatory effect,
- stimulates the formation of granules, etc.

A successful combination of components of natural origin, which has a water-retaining, stimulating blood circulation, anti-inflammatory effect.


Use 2 times a day, in the morning and/or in the evening. With massaging movements, spread the entire surface of the head with your fingertips.
Apply lotion in several layers on problem areas.

For use on clean scalp