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DIAMO Color lip gloss 0,1 ct - Beža Familia


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Diamo. 0.1 CT diamondLip Gloss Bloom Sakura - Pink

Dream have perfect lips filled with each lip gloss"Diamo. 0.1 CT DIAMOND "the stroke.

To maintain the proper level of moisture in the lips, prevent small wrinkles, lip-shaped changes and obviously increase their scientists have used patented substances: Collagen synthesis Peptide Volu-LIP ™ and lip lip ™ and youth. And in the instrument of 0.1 carat diamond particles performed collagen synthesis lips for long periods maintain youth, beauty and foam. The tool enriched with strong regenerative properties is recommended after cosmetic lip procedures, long-term effects. Diamond gloss can be used alone or in combination with other lips for decorative cosmetics. Does not leave the adhesive sensation.

7 Functions:Even 40% more volume and 69% improved in the shape of the lip *, deep irrigation, firmness, anti-burn effects remain on the lips, gives diamond glitter on the lips.

Result:Even 40% more volume and 69% improved in the form of lip *, moistened, fed, foam, diamond glittering lips.

Active Ingredients:Skivalanas, Argan oil, soy extract, diamond particles, peptides Volu-LIP ™ and Maxi-LIP ™, amino acids, natural vitamin A, B, E and C, rose and apple dice oil.

Weight:1.8 G.

* Study for survey 100"Diamo. 0.1 CT DIAMOND "Customers tested for lip gloss.